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Playing With Advantage

Playing With Advantage is an insightful, entertaining, and often idiotic podcast about the various aspects of the tabletop role-playing genre. Starring Kenneth Moffett and James Bardwell.

New episodes weekly!


PWA Ep. 13 | The Big, The Bad, and The Evil
Show Details1hr 1min
PWA Ep. 12 | Gatekeeping
Show Details49min 58s
PWA Ep. 11 | Interview With The George
Show Details57min 11s
PWA Ep. 10 | Oh, The Horror!
Show Details1hr 10min
PWA Ep. 9 | Traveling Off the Beaten Path
Show Details1hr 3min
PWA Ep. 8 | Character Deaths & TPKs
Show Details58min 13s
PWA Ep. 7 | World-Building
Show Details1hr 1min
PWA Ep. 6 | Red Flags & Horror Stories
Show Details54min 31s
PWA Ep. 5 | Tales From The Table (Part 2)
Show Details44min 28s
PWA Ep. 5 | Tales From The Table (Part 1)
Show Details41min 54s
PWA Ep. 4 | The Satanic Panic
Show Details59min 53s
PWA Ep. 3 | The Importance of a Session Zero
Show Details58min 6s
PWA Ep. 2 | How Technology Has Affected TTRPGs
Show Details55min 52s
PWA Ep. 1 | What Are TTRPGs and How Do You Begin to Play
Show Details59min 13s
PWA Ep. 0 | Introducing Ourselves
Show Details55min 15s
Trailer | Welcome to Playing With Advantage
Show Details1min 6s