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Plant Prophets

Plant Prophets introduces you to some of the most forward-thinking executives and companies in the cannabis industry Host Vern Davis speaks to those who are at the forefront of creating real companies and creating real career opportunities.


Aclara with Carmen Brace
Show Details36min 33s
MJ Universe GmbH with Lisa Haag
Show Details32min 29s
RIV Capital With Mark Sims
Show Details36min 34s
Nabis With Co-Founder Vince C. Ning
Show Details47min 18s
Dr. Norm’s Edibles with Roberta Wilson
Show Details45min 30s
Petalfast with CEO Jason Vegotsky
Show Details44min 27s
G-Force Capital With Ed McDermott
Show Details38min 52s
MATTIO+FIORE With Founder Madison Fiore
Show Details39min 33s
Cann The THC-infused beverage
Show Details43min 28s
BEST OF: Weedmaps / WM Technology with CEO Chris Beals
Show Details45min 18s
Malta Enterprise With Marion Zammit
Show Details28min 37s
Lifted Made With Founder and CEO Nicholas Warrender
Show Details41min
Merida Capital Holdings With Mitch Baruchowitz
Show Details39min 48s
Multiple With Founder Kyra Reed
Show Details47min 48s
Khiron Life Sciences With Alvaro Torres
Show Details52min 29s
MJBizDaily with Founding Editor Chris Walsh
Show Details38min 41s
Happy Munkey LLC with Vladimir Bautista
Show Details37min 38s
Entourage Effect Capital with Matt Hawkins
Show Details28min 52s
Gateway Proven Strategies with Chris Day
Show Details33min 21s
CannDelta Inc. With Dr. Sherry Boodram
Show Details33min 25s
The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry
Show Details34min 50s
Sweet Dreams Vineyard With William "Bill" Gibbs
Show Details39min 6s
Black Buddha Cannabis with Roz McCarthy
Show Details43min 4s
Ardent with Founder and President Shanel A. Lindsay
Show Details40min 45s
Jushi Holdings With Jim Cacioppo
Show Details40min 14s
Weedmaps / WM Technology with CEO Chris Beals
Show Details45min 18s
Women in Cannabis Study with Jennifer Whetzel
Show Details35min 51s
Hemp Ace International with founder Joy Beckerman
Show Details36min 13s
Abaca with CEO and Co-Founder Dan Roda
Show Details37min 6s
Plant Medicine Law with Hadas Alterman Esq.
Show Details44min 21s
Sixty Four & Hope With Aja Allen
Show Details34min 44s
BLAZE with CEO Christopher Violas
Show Details35min 41s
C3 Industries with CEO Ankur Rungta
Show Details38min 23s
Highlyte by Amnesia with CEO Courtney Wu
Show Details34min 19s
Huckleberry Hill Farms with John Casali
Show Details33min 19s
Flow Cannabis Co. with Annie Davis
Show Details43min 34s
Sky Wellness and N2 Packaging Systems with CEO Thom Brodeur
Show Details31min 33s
Tinley Beverage Company And Weedmaps
Show Details29min 23s
Arcview Ventures with Jeanne Sullivan (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details18min 47s
Toastyy with founder And CEO Jamie Lea
Show Details37min 42s
The United States Cannabis Council With Tahir Johnson (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details13min 48s
Tetragram with CEO Otha Smith III (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details11min 7s
Flora Growth with Luis Merchan (MJ BizCon)
Show Details7min 57s
Vetrina Group With Co-Founder by Krista Raymer (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details13min 50s
SugarTop Buddery With Founder Anna Kaplan (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details13min 1s
Open Dør Dispensaries (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details8min 53s
Leafly and Curaleaf with Yoko Miyashita and Khadijah Tribble (MJ Biz Con)
Show Details27min 1s
Salveo Capital with Sean Doyle
Show Details30min 20s
Springbig with Founder & CEO Jeffrey Harris
Show Details37min 15s
MJ Unpacked With George Jage CEO of Jage Media
Show Details38min 26s
RGB Cannabis Josh Wong and Steve Colborne
Show Details39min 15s
SLANG Worldwide with Chris Driessen
Show Details37min 55s
Integrated Hydro Solutions And Urban-Gro
Show Details37min 51s
Attorney Steven M. Schain, Esquire
Show Details37min 31s
The Raw Botanics Co. with Brendan Smith and Les Kollegian
Show Details43min 59s
Trailblazers and OpenNest Labs with Michael Kamins
Show Details43min 43s
Jushi Co with CEO, Chairman, and Founder Jim Cacioppo
Show Details41min 28s
Zoned Properties with COO Berekk Blackwell
Show Details36min
The National Cannabis Roundtable with Saphira Galoob
Show Details37min 7s
Unrivaled Brands Inc With Colin Landforce
Show Details33min 46s
The Tinley Beverage Company (BEST OF)
Show Details32min 44s
Urban-gro, Inc with CEO Brad Nattrass
Show Details37min 57s
The Open Dør with Kathryn Blackwell
Show Details39min 6s
How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry With Dasheeda Dawson
Show Details35min 44s
Pilgrim Soul with CEO and Founder Shawn Gold
Show Details35min 49s
All Def Cannabis with Cedric J. Rogers and Will Pharaoh
Show Details41min 29s
CarryOn Wellness With Christopher Petersen
Show Details38min 25s
Bloom Farms with Sally Nichols
Show Details43min 37s
Willow Industries with founder Jill Ellsworth
Show Details35min 5s
CannaCurious Magazine with Tekisha Harvey
Show Details34min 16s
Box co-founder Sam Ghods
Show Details35min 37s
Humboldt Social Club with Jon O’Connor & Guy Rocourt
Show Details36min 56s
Fabuleaf with founder Leah Gregg
Show Details35min 37s
Papa & Barkley with Adam Grossman
Show Details37min 26s
Pure Kana With CEO Kathy Casey
Show Details37min 58s
Chelsea Grayson Of Chelsea Grayson Consulting
Show Details35min 41s
Wana Brands with CMO Joe Hodas
Show Details34min 56s
The Tinley Beverage Company with Rick Gillis
Show Details43min 21s
Simply Pure Dispensary With Wanda James
Show Details36min 3s
Forti Goods with Founder & CEO Sharon Kevil
Show Details39min 38s
Backbone With Erika Tingey
Show Details36min 4s
Cure Crate with Sean Wynn
Show Details35min 8s
Saucey Farms & Extracts With Alex Todd
Show Details37min 6s
Psyched Wellness with Jeff Stevens
Show Details36min
Mae (Mind At Ease) with Armen Gregorian
Show Details37min 5s
Justice Joints with Sam Arellano
Show Details37min 10s
Seun Adedeji Of Elev8 Cannabis (Holiday Special)
Show Details24min 54s
Tami Wahl: Market Access Today (Holiday Special)
Show Details20min 34s
Steve Luttman from Tortoise & Volt Marketing and Ventures
Show Details21min 14s
Rachael Rapinoe CEO Of Mendi (Holiday Special)
Show Details23min 46s
Ball Family Farms (Holiday Special)
Show Details22min 54s
Elegance Brands with Raj Beri
Show Details32min
Weedmaps With Steven Jung
Show Details33min 48s
Nothing But Hemp With Steven Brown
Show Details33min 5s
C21 Investment With Sky Pinnick
Show Details38min 30s
Hi-Cone With Shawn Welch
Show Details37min 8s
Gage Cannabis With Jason Desentz
Show Details36min 50s
House of Saka With Tracey Mason
Show Details37min 32s
Canopy Growth with Sol Clahane
Show Details36min 16s
Humble Bloom With Solonje Burnett
Show Details36min 35s
Improving Recovery For Athletes Using Cannabis
Show Details34min 48s
The Youngest Black Dispensary Owner
Show Details39min 18s
Corporate Social Responsibility In Cannabis
Show Details37min 9s
Canndescent with Sam Arellano
Show Details39min 59s
Ensuring Diversity In The Cannabis Industry
Show Details38min 23s
The Cannabis PR Queen
Show Details34min
Curbside And In-Store Cannabis Pickup
Show Details39min 20s
Health is the Truest Wealth
Show Details38min
The Hottest Market Segment In The Cannabis Industry
Show Details35min 58s
Cannabis Is A Basic Human Right
Show Details35min 32s
Redefining Cannabis For Women
Show Details36min 53s
Social Equity In Cannabis
Show Details36min 27s
The Future of Wellness & Why CBD Will Pave the Way for Growth
Show Details39min 33s
Pantry Food Co.
Show Details38min 18s
High Performance Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities
Show Details36min 11s
The Benefits of Full-Spectrum Hemp
Show Details36min 33s
Sound Policy Solutions In Cannabis
Show Details36min 25s
Treaty Oak Distilling
Show Details36min 23s
How Cannabis Will Affect The Beverage Industry
Show Details35min 59s
Young America Capital
Show Details36min 16s
Banking Solutions For The Cannabis Industry with Tyler Beuerlein
Show Details36min 32s
KushCo Holdings with Nick Kovacevich
Show Details37min 55s
Show Details36min 58s
Infused Cannabis Cocktails
Show Details38min 31s
Ball Family Farms
Show Details36min 50s
The First Cannabis Private Equity Fund
Show Details34min 51s
Canadian Securities Exchange, Verdemed And Leafwire
Show Details33min 29s
iAnthus - The Benzinga Cannabis Capitol Conference
Show Details20min 6s
Sheri Orlowitz From The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference
Show Details23min 46s
Jessica Billingsley and Samantha Ford at The Benzinga Cannabis Capitol Conference
Show Details31min 32s
Innovative And Trans-formative Beverage Brands
Show Details39min 1s
Cannabis Prestige
Show Details36min 4s
Improving Cannabis Business Performance
Show Details41min 46s
Integrated Science In Cannabis
Show Details40min 11s
CannabisMD: Cannabis Media Integration
Show Details34min 38s
High Quality And Consistent Cannabis
Show Details37min 23s
Nature Shaped Cannabis And Hemp
Show Details33min 49s
Cannabis Product Transparency
Show Details37min 22s
Best Practices From Leading Cannabis Retailers
Show Details35min 46s
The Fastest Growing Edibles Company In Colorado
Show Details37min 21s
The First Cannabis Compliance Technology Company
Show Details33min 41s
Expand CBD Products In The Health, Wellness, And Beauty Sectors
Show Details35min 45s
Administering Precise Doses Of Plant-Based Medicines
Show Details39min 42s
The Most Trusted Platform For Credible Cannabis Information
Show Details35min 2s
A Robust Platform Built To Support Cannabis Businesses
Show Details38min 15s
The King of Cannabis
Show Details39min 27s
Organic Beverage With 25 Mg Of Hemp CBD
Show Details38min 36s
An Outstanding Legal Mind And Cannabis Industry Leader
Show Details37min 25s
One Of The Most Innovative And Explosive Cannabis Businesses
Show Details41min 22s
A Cannabis Business Owned By Women
Show Details37min 43s
The Eventual Convergence Between Legal Cannabis And The Alcohol Beverage Industry
Show Details35min 37s
A Purveyor Of Luxury Cannabis Accouterments
Show Details34min 22s
The Number One Most Important Woman In Cannabis
Show Details38min 57s