Planner Mess Express

A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Christina, a mother, wife, ICU nurse, NP student, and avid planner addict trying to navigate her way through life unscathed. Is the journey always pretty? Not a chance! Come along for a ride as she shares her love of all things planners, and vents about the bumps and bruises along the way. 


Episode 3: The Enthusiast
Show Details17min 22s
A journey to being present, grateful, and consistent!
Show Details18min 51s
2021: New tools for the New Year
Show Details24min 42s
Episode 5: Get the gifts ready!
Show Details20min 32s
Episode 4: My TOP 5 tips for Getting organized and staying organized!
Show Details16min 55s
Episode 3: You've got a friend in me!
Show Details25min 11s
Episode 2: Shiny things
Show Details7min 21s
Episode 1: Life inside the pages
Show Details8min 9s