Intro to Plain and Simple & Friendships

Season 1 | Episode 1
1h 38m | Aug 4, 2021

Welcome to Episode 001 of Plain and Simple, hosted by Logan Lewis & Theron Sapp, brought to you by Watchdog Media.

For the first ever episode, Theron & Logan introduce themselves, how they met & what Plain and Simple is. They also tackle 6 questions that dive into the concept of friendships.


(0:00) Intro/ Who Are We?

(17:40) Trio friend group.. Will the third 3rd be upset if friend 1 and 2 hang without him?

(25:51) How do I deal with my friends judging me?

(45:24) My friend and I had sex... how do we make things go back to normal?

(55:56) How do I stop comparing myself to my friends?

(1:01:45) Is my friend toxic for having a crush on someone I strongly hate?

(1:08:50) How do you make new friends and how do you keep your friends?

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