Clingy Girls & Who Is Jordan Hames?

Season 1 | Episode 8
1h 8m | Sep 22, 2021

Welcome to Episode 008 of Plain and Simple, hosted by Logan Lewis & Jordan Hames, brought to you by Watchdog Media.


(0:00) Intro/Banter

(4:52) Who is Jordan Hames?

(15:45) How did Jordan & Myranda Meet?

(16:50) What about Myranda stood out to Jordan?

(17:45) What was Single Jordan Like?

(22:40) What is a huge turn-off noticed on a first date?

(31:05) If your wife makes more money than you, should you be upset?

(42:00) Should I lend $1000 to my irresponsible Brother In-Law?

(50:50) Should I stay with my awkward boyfriend?

(55:40) Tinder match is clingy after 1 day of talking...

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