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Welcome to the podcast!

On this show, I will be having a variety of guests and discussions around cinema, shows, live streaming, video games etc.

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010 - Retro Gaming, Game Development and Gardening w/ Charlie & Harry
Show Details1hr 10min
009 - Diversifying Content, Networking and Upskilling w/Gerofied
Show Details1hr 21min
008 - The Important Skill of Talking When No One is Watching
Show Details21min 35s
007 - How Game Selection Can Impact Your Streams Growth
Show Details29min 58s
006 - The Importance of Diversifying Your Online Content
Show Details46min 50s
005 - This week in gaming news...
Show Details1hr 46min
004 - WandaVision Episode 3 Breakdown & Spoiler Review!
Show Details9min 8s
003 - A Budget Beginner Guide to Live Streaming
Show Details1hr 59min
002 - WandaVision Episode 1 & 2 Discussion / Spoiler Review
Show Details11min 49s
001 - Gaming News, New Games, & the Impact of Releasing Unfinished Games
Show Details1hr 31min