Pioneers of Positive Education with Dr Suzy Green Series 1 - 3

In this podcast series, Dr Suzy Green, CEO of The Positivity Institute, interviews Australian pioneers and leaders in Positive Education. Interviewees share their experiences, key learnings and recommendations for those already implementing or considering implementing Positive Education in their schools.


Interview with Dr William DeJean - Unleash Learning
Show Details34min 33s
Interview with Daniela Falecki - Teacher Wellbeing
Show Details31min 38s
Interview with Clive Leach - Organisational Coach
Show Details33min 46s
Interview with Dana Kerford - URSTRONG
Show Details34min 37s
Interview with Dan Haesler - Cut Through Coaching & Consulting
Show Details28min 47s
Interview with Dr Peggy Kern - Centre of Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education
Show Details32min 41s
Interview with Ms Anne Johnstone - Ravenswood School for Girls
Show Details32min 3s
Interview with Ms Jenni Cook - Mount Barker High School
Show Details30min 22s
Interview with Dr Madonna Ahern - Mt St Michaels College
Show Details35min 15s
Interview with Mr Brendon Fogarty - The Outdoor Education Group
Show Details34min 57s
Interview with Mr Kevin Robillard - Loreto College Ballarat
Show Details30min 44s
Interview with Ms Rhiannon McGee - Geelong Grammar School
Show Details31min 17s
Interview with Mr Alan Hope - Kurri Kurri High School
Show Details34min 33s
Interview with Ms Chris Shaw - Ballarat Grammar School
Show Details31min 16s
Interview with Ms Sue Chandler – All Hallows’ School Brisbane
Show Details27min 17s
Interview with Ms Julianne Dennett-Puckovski - Loreto Toorak
Show Details29min 7s
Interview with Ms Leanne Carr – St Columba College South Australia
Show Details29min 4s
Interview with Dr Deb Perich - Perth College
Show Details31min 38s