Pinoys vs. College Admissions: Episode 4 w/ Mark Bautista

Season 1 | Episode 4
1h 49m | May 30, 2021

Welcome to episode 4 of Pinoys vs. the World! Jess and Harald touch on current local/national news stories including new guidelines from the CDC for vaccinated people, new state climate standards from Gov. Jay Inslee and marking one year since the murder of George Floyd. Sports this week include the weekly Sounders/Mariners (and now Storm!) updates, Shohei Ohtani tearing up MLB and Kenny Mayne moving on from SportsCenter. The big picture story for today's episode covers college admissions, Harald & Jess' personal experience with their application processes, and comparing admission stats of the top universities in the nation with their own alma maters.

For today’s interview, Jess and Harald spoke with fellow Seattle University alumni, Mark Bautista! They spoke with him about his personal experiences with mental health, his inspirations for film making, and both his top three movies/film genres of all time.

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