Pierce Watkins

I use Street Epistemology (SE) I talk to anyone about any claim that want to talk about.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene & Covid Conspiracies - What Would Pierce Ask?
Show Details3min 15s
Deno - Vaccines are Harmful - Belief Examination
Show Details1hr 26min
Street Epistemology Survey with an Avid Trump Supporter - Deno
Show Details50min 4s
Circumcision - Answering Questions From IntactDemark
Show Details6min 47s
Election Fraud with Deno - Street Epistemology - Trump Won
Show Details1hr 11min
Circumcision with Evelyne - Street Epistemology
Show Details44min 57s
What is Wicca? Street Epistemology (SE) with Violett
Show Details21min 5s
Reasons for Belief in Christianity - Street Epistemology SE - Sandra
Show Details42min 45s
Animism with Bobbie Ray - Street Epistemology - Everything has consciousness - SE
Show Details8min 49s
Street Epistemology - 100% Sure Something Exists - Anna Tilkens - Se
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Street Epistemology Survey with Carl (Christian) - I will abandon a belief if......
Show Details45min 59s