7: Be You

1h 26m | Jan 21, 2019
Deneé and Shannon welcome their very first guest to the show, Alia Stowers! Today the ladies talk about the importance of understanding how to leverage the strengths that are unique to each of us. Alia is a Leadership Consultant and while she uses many different tools in her business, she always asks her clients to take the Strengths Finders test. You’ll find out why this tool is so valuable, while having a lot of fun as they sing and laugh their way through another episode!

To potentially win a consultation and top 5 Strengths assessment, send us an email! Write to us at “”. The winner will be announced on our next minisode!

Connect with Alia Stowers at or email her “”

Want to know more about Strengths Finders? Head to: www.
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