9: Food Fail

1h 20m | Feb 19, 2019
Feeling like you're failing in the food and nutrition department? This episode will encourage you to start where you are and go fearlessly forward to embrace a healthy relationship with food in your life and the life of your family. Shannon and Deneé invite a new guest, Brenda Bauer to the table and you're going to love her approach to making change in your life. Change for the sake of being better, not perfect.

Tell us your food fail stories! We are excited to hear them no matter when you send them., or contact through our website, PictureImperfect.Show

To connect with Brenda, visit her site:
The book she referenced is "Eat Healthy, Feel Great" by Sears

And finally, check the show notes for pictures and links to the balls. Laugh it up.
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