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Welcome to the Picture Book Look podcast, where Kim Chaffee and Kirsti Call share some of their favorite picture books and chat with the creators to get a behind-the-scenes look into their creative process. Join them as they take a Picture Book Look.


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Ep111 How to be a Rock Star with Lisa Tolin and Stephanie PItts
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Ep110 Alphabedtime with Susanna Leonard Hill and Betsy Snyder
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Ep109 Conversations with Kim and Kirsti: How to Fit Writing into an Already Full Life
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Ep108 The Read Dada Mother Goose with Jon Scieszka, Julia Rothman, and Liz Bicknell
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Ep107 Dressing Up the Stars with Jeanne Walker Harvey, Diana Toledano, and Andrea Welch
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Ep106 Brainstorm! with Rebecca Gardyn Levington, Kate Kronreif, and Sarah Rockett
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Ep105 Conversations with Kim and Kirsti: Imposter Syndrom
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Ep104 Fridge-Opolis with Melissa Coffey and Josh Cleland
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Ep103 I Am a Baby with Bob Shea and Pam Consolazio
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Ep102 Mister Rogers' Gift of Music with Donna Cangelosi and Amanda Calatzis
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Ep101 How To Get Published with Kim and Kirsti
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Ep100 The Big Scream with Kirsti Call, Denis Angelov, Cindy Kim, and Claire Torres
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Ep99 The Boy Who Loved Maps with Kari Allen, G. Brian Karas, and Anne Schwartz
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Ep98 The Notebook Keeper: A Story of Kindness From the Border with Stephen Briseño, Magdalena Mora, and Ann Kelley
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Ep97 Some Daddies with Carol Gordon Ekster and Naomi Krueger
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EP96 I Love Strawberries with Shannon Anderson, Jaclyn Sinquett, and Emma Dryden
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Ep95 This Could Be You! with Cindy William Schrauben, Julia Seal, and Adam Blackman
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ep94 The Little House of Hope with Terry Catasús Jennings, Raúl Colón, Neal Porter, and Jennifer Browne
Show Details23min 22s
Ep93 People Are Wild with Margaux Meganck and Katherine Harrison
Show Details20min 22s
Ep92 Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep with Laura Sassi and Naomi Krueger
Hide Details15min 48s

Today's episode is sponsored by Kirstine Call, coaching for creatives. Find out more here: www.kirstinecall.com

In today's episode we chat with Laura Sassi and Naomi Krueger about the creative process behind Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep.

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15min 48s
Published May 3, 2022 at 4:30am
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Picture Book Look Coming Soon!
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