Phoenix Phones

Phoenix Phones was inspired by the UBports community, and all those people who are involved but aren't so easily seen.I wanted to reach out and let them be proud of there work, I wanted to let them tell us about it, even gloat a little, I want to give them recognition, I wanted to give them a place to talk about problems today and how others can help.I also want to give the listener an idea about the people behind the software they use daily.This is what inspired the podcast, but over time I plan to bring recognition to all sorts of people hiding in the wood works of bigger, and different projects, so who will Phoenix be phoning today?


#002 Phoenix Phones: Lionel from UBports
Show Details1hr 10min
#001 Phoenix Phones: Alfred from UBports
Show Details1hr 14min
#000 Phoenix Phones: Himself
Show Details15min 38s