Pex Pals Episode 26 - Looting on PC vs Console, Why Kings Canyon makes Pros mad, Sentinel + Wattson idea change, Prime Cosmetic Bundles, Calvin hitting 1Mil damage & more!

Season 1 | Episode 26
47m | Oct 1, 2021

Welcome back to #PexPals for Episode 26! The guys get into their weapons' of the week, Joel talks up Caustic (again), Looting movement and how it differs on PC vs Console and why Cross Plat isnt fair almost? We dive into the rank split / reset, being on King's Canyon and how we feel about and remind you not to listen to the hive mind player base. Discuss the Prime Bundles coming out for skins, the "White Raven" lore event, an amazing sentinel change proposition & Calvin changing his main!? 

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