Pex Pals Episode 23 - Pros crying after losing Tap Strafing, Rampart and Crypto Heirloom Leak, BUFF WATTSON, Joel HAAATES the L-Star, Fan Submission to "Why do your teammates hate you?"

Season 1 | Episode 23
42m | Sep 3, 2021

Lordy-Lee! Look who's 23! On this episode, the boys discuss a fans email submission to the "Why do your teammates hate you?" segment. They also go over some of the reported leaks regarding heirlooms for Rampart and Crypto, why Wattson might not see a buff soon, and Joel says he HAAATES the L-Star. 

Lastly, Calvin rages over the Pros RAGING about the removal of the controversial "Tap Strafing." TLDR: Cow HAAATES the Pros.

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