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Peruse the News

Are you intimidated by the sheer amount of news in your world? Do you wish someone else would highlight the fun or interesting things for you? Join Aaron and Deneé for a light-hearted look at the headlines of today. Because even serious news doesn't have to be quite so serious. Recorded with a live audience every Monday afternoon on Spreaker! Join in as together we Peruse the News!


24: The Name Game
Show Details43min 16s
23: Ant Acid
Show Details41min 26s
22: The Cat's Meow
Show Details48min 39s
21: Seven of Eleven
Show Details47min 31s
20: Fart to Fart
Show Details46min 19s
19: Mooooving Day
Show Details41min 59s
18: Hippo Campus
Show Details35min 17s
17: Protect Your Brain
Show Details46min 19s
16: French Moodles
Show Details42min 36s
15: Roger's Demise
Show Details49min 25s
14: Chicken Boned
Show Details38min 23s
13: Pizzarrhea
Show Details33min 40s
12: Gumby Queen
Show Details45min
11: Can of Sperms
Show Details48min 4s
10: Twoterus
Show Details34min 25s
9: California Wildfires
Show Details28min 26s
8: Rich People Blueberry Bowl
Show Details37min 34s
7: Meme-i-fied
Show Details42min 15s
6: Facebook Privacy Scandal
Show Details44min 5s
5: National School Walkout
Show Details41min 49s
4: 2018 Academy Awards
Show Details51min 53s
3: Sheeple
Show Details54min 34s
2: More Fun Than an Asteroid
Show Details31min 47s
Show Details44min 59s
Welcome to Peruse the News!
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