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Performing Animal Rights

The Performing Animal Rights podcast series explores creative practice within the animal rights movement. Researcher Ben Hunt converses with activists who harness artistic practice in their advocacy, delving deep into how creativity manifests in the movement, and how it can play an important role in bringing about a better world.


The Body & Activism
Show Details21min 22s
Veganism on Stage
Show Details39min 57s
Performance in Strategy
Show Details40min 48s
Satire in Animal Rights
Show Details41min 30s
Performance in Direct Action
Show Details42min 4s
Performing Trauma in Animal Rights
Show Details31min 27s
Drag & Animal Rights
Show Details54min 26s
Singing Animal Rights
Show Details43min 45s
Embodying & Narrating Animal Rights
Show Details58min 45s
Performing Civil Disobedience
Show Details44min 30s
An Introduction - Why Performing Arts?
Show Details24min 27s