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Per My Last Email

Being a woman building a business or trying to break out in an industry can feel more like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall, on repeat, daily. Have you ever written an email starting with, “Per my Last Email, Karen”? People don’t listen. Or read. Oh, and what ever happened to feeling empowered?! Should we just stop trying? Absolutely F-ing NOT. This podcast is a place for us all to chat, share experiences and hear each other’s successes, failures and ridiculous stories wherever you create your best professional self.

Grab a glass of ANYTHING, unwind with us girls and join the happy hour. We’ve earned it! Hosted by Michaela Gordon. Owner of MG Home Chicago, a real estate and design business servicing the city and suburbs of Chicago.


Shattering Glass Ceilings + Learning From the Loss with Chrishon Lampley
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Humanity’s Desire to Be Seen
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Taking a Leap: Career Change, Relocation + Hustle with Jessica Levi
Show Details55min 48s
Self-Advocacy and Following Your Dreams with Salima Lalani
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Entrepreneurial Effort Comes Full Circle with Anna Hovet Dias
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Building Community to Maximize Your Impact LIVE with Tanya Lozano
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Navigating Life's What Ifs
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Balance for Working Moms with KC Gutierrez
Show Details48min 43s
Retirement at 30, Now What? with Olympian Emily Brydon
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Olympic Athletes Burn Out Too with Emily Brydon
Show Details40min 19s
The Magic of Saying Yes with Dr. Marcie Claybon
Show Details57min 15s
Becoming Your Own Person with The Sanchez Sisters
Show Details38min 4s
Don’t Call me Strong
Show Details27min 3s
Tech Bros and New Cities with Hillary Fortin
Show Details38min 5s
Creating a Brand That Stands the Test of Time with Renee Silverman
Show Details42min 35s
Perfect Timing with Michaela Gordon
Show Details25min 19s
Stepping Stones with Ashley Louise
Show Details30min 51s
The Namaste Filter with Laura Holloway
Show Details40min 47s
Leverage What Your Mama Gave Ya with Chelsea Jenkins
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Per My Last Email - The Trailer
Show Details1min 11s