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People Performance Podcast

Performance in business and in our personal lives begins, first, with people. Attempting to achieve success in execution of a strategy or some other improvement without a focus on people is fruitless. In this podcast, we will cover topics relevant to People and Performance with tips, advice and guidance designed for growth personally and professionally.

People are greater than performance. People are the creators of performance. People come before performance. 


America's Declaration of Independence: A History & Commentary
Show Details19min 23s
Assessments: The Ones I Love & What I'm Offering Soon!
Show Details19min 54s
Why You Need a Summertime Work Schedule
Show Details13min 50s
Elon Musk's Internal Email & the Case for Workplace Flexibility
Show Details21min 5s
Taking Advantage of the Silver Linings In Your Life
Show Details11min 38s
Celebrate Successes: Why It's Important!
Show Details15min 53s
The #1 Thing You Need When Leading Change
Show Details13min 25s
The Importance of the Company You Keep
Show Details9min 11s
Bouncing Back After Disappointment and Rejection
Show Details15min 56s
How To Be a Happy Leader with Tia Graham
Show Details47min 39s
Why I Created a Podcast and How to Do It
Show Details14min 32s
Answering Your Questions on Project Management & Change Management
Show Details20min 13s
What I've Been Reading Lately
Show Details21min 5s
Celebrating the Best Bosses I've Ever Had
Show Details16min 42s
Playback: The 4 Experiences That Led Me Here
Show Details24min 12s
Managing Stress, Anxiety and Fear in Times of Global Crises
Show Details12min 12s
My Journey with Coaching and Its Benefits
Show Details17min 51s
Lessons for My Sons on Work and Life
Show Details18min 31s
Project Management for Parents: A Conversation with Hilary Kinney
Show Details40min 46s
Top Signs You're Working for a Company That Supports Parents
Show Details26min 34s
How to Grow Your Influence as a Project Manager (or in any role!)
Show Details16min 2s
Achilles Heels in Project Execution
Show Details20min 58s
People Performance in Project Management: A Conversation with Lee Lambert (Part 2)
Show Details25min 52s
People Performance in Project Management: A Conversation with Lee Lambert (Part 1)
Show Details30min 7s
Lessons Learned for a New Year
Show Details23min 43s
Good Tidings of Great Joy
Show Details15min 16s
All About Priorities - For Teams and Individuals
Show Details25min 48s
Pandemic Parenthood: Lessons for Then, Now and Later
Show Details22min 44s
Positivity and Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving
Show Details15min 56s
Four Experiences That Led Me Here
Show Details22min 21s