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Pentecostal Lighthouse Church

Welcome to the PLC Podcast. Here you will find sermons by our pastor and the occasional guest minister. We hope you enjoy our content. If you would like to learn more about Pentecostal Lighthouse Church, please visit our website at


The Open Door
Show Details46min 50s
Power of Salvation
Show Details41min 21s
A Cloth to Remember
Show Details40min 30s
No Condemnation
Show Details36min 51s
The Lord's Prayer Request - Part 3
Show Details37min 20s
Jesus Cares
Show Details37min 52s
House of Prayer - Part 1
Show Details44min 17s
The Door - Part 3
Show Details42min 40s
Have Faith In God
Show Details57min 52s
God Is
Show Details21min 49s
I Need the Holy Ghost - Part 2: Stir Up The Gift
Show Details23min 1s
I Need the Holy Ghost
Show Details43min 47s
The Empty House
Show Details45min 18s
Who is This Man?
Show Details43min 49s
Jesus in the Middle
Show Details39min 9s
Buried with Him and Raised to Life
Show Details35min 30s
Jesus the Humble King
Show Details38min 31s
Rivers in the Desert
Show Details37min 16s
Jesus Our Redeemer - Part 4
Show Details54min 12s
Jesus our Deliverer
Show Details34min 8s
Jesus Our Redeemer
Show Details30min 23s
The Glory of the Lord
Show Details44min 16s
Praise and Worship
Show Details40min 9s