Case Study: My Toddler Won’t Stop Screaming in Public

Season 5 | Episode 306
12m | Apr 16, 2024

Are you ever mortified in public when your child’s voice rockets through the mall? Today, we unpack the nuances of communication, tantrums, and the genuine distress many parents face.

It's a scene familiar to many—a peaceful outing shattered by a sudden outburst from a toddler. Cherry, a mom from my Instagram followers, joins me in sharing her dilemma of dealing with her son's screams in public. This opens a world of parenting concerns centered around societal norms and effective communication. Together, we explore the delicate art of understanding your child's unique signals. I guide her through the thorny paths of public judgment, childhood expression, and the profound power of connection over correction.

In this Episode:

  • Responding to a toddler's screams with play
  • The stigma around public outbursts in children
  • Reflecting on parental reactions to yelling
  • Using affection to address behavioral issues
  • How to use playful interaction as a parenting tool

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