The Time-Tested Strategy for a More Peaceful Home

Season 5 | Episode 307
17m | Apr 18, 2024

Are you spending your time parenting, or is parenting spending your time? Today on Peace and Parenting, I delve into Pam Leo's profound wisdom, exploring the intricate balance between meeting our children's emotional needs and managing their behaviors.

Drawing from my own personal experiences, I share the transformative power of filling our children's cups with love. From navigating sibling rivalry to taming the spirited soul, we explore how investing in connection yields dividends of resilience and harmony in the years to come.

In this Episode:

  • Pam Leo's wisdom on parenting priorities
  • Connective parenting vs. traditional methods
  • Investing time in connection reaps long-term benefits
  • Navigating challenges with empathy and play
  • Tools and resources for embracing connective parenting

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Peace and Parenting: How to Parent without Punishments