Case Study: How to Go from Controlling to Empathy-Based Discipline

Season 4 | Episode 298
19m | Mar 12, 2024

Are you caught in the cycle of correction and control in your parenting journey? Today, I am joined by Nadia, a parent who bravely shares her journey from a place of control to discovering the impact of connective parenting.

Nadia candidly shares her experiences of shedding the instinct to correct and control and embracing empathy and connection instead. Through her journey, she unveils her challenges in stepping away from conventional parenting methods and the profound shifts she witnessed in her family dynamics. Tune in to discover the profound impact of prioritizing connection over control in creating a more peaceful and harmonious family dynamic.

In this Episode:

• The Awakening: From Correction to Connection

• Embracing Change: Letting Go of Control & Shame

• The Impact of Connection: Transforming Family Dynamics

• A New Way of Parenting: Grace and Empathy

• The Journey Ahead: The Road to Peaceful Parenting

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