Does Your Child Have a Love-Hate Relationship with School

Season 5 | Episode 301
15m | Mar 28, 2024

Imagine cutting your kids' chaotic bedtime routine in half and witnessing your relationship thrive in the process. That's exactly what unfolded for Karla and her husband. Struggling to manage the nightly wind-down of their three lively children, they discovered that the secret wasn't in a more rigid schedule but in fostering a deeper bond. Today, I am touched to share Karla's story of transformation.

We unravel how switching up bedtime duties and dedicating special time led to stunning improvements in cooperation and the soul of their family life. This episode isn't just about the strategies that work; it's a testament to the power of empathy, patience, and the ongoing commitment to learning that parenting requires.

In this Episode:

  • The struggles of traditional schooling
  • Importance of validating children's feelings
  • Impact of generational trauma on parenting
  • Navigating the balance between empathy and worry
  • Exploring alternatives to conventional education

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