Are We Unknowingly Pushing Our Teens into Lying

Season 4 | Episode 299
17m | Mar 21, 2024

Today I'm diving into a recent eye-opening experience with my teenage daughter, Pia. Picture this: it's a typical evening until I receive a text that sends my heart racing. Pia and her friend have taken an Uber to the ice cream shop, leaving me puzzled and anxious. What unfolds next reveals a deeper layer of trust, peer pressure, and the delicate balance of parenting teens.

Join me as I navigate the complexities of teenage autonomy, parental trust, and the blurred lines between protection and freedom. We'll uncover the significance of dialogue, understanding, and reevaluating our parenting strategies. How do we balance trust and safety? How can we empower our teens while keeping them grounded? Tune in as we unravel these questions and more because in the world of parenting, every moment is teachable.

In this Episode:

  • Navigating trust and peer pressure
  • Importance of open communication with teens
  • Balancing autonomy and parental guidance
  • Understanding the teenage developmental stage
  • Reevaluating parenting strategies for teen safety

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