Pastor Bibiche Podcast

The word of God brings light, opens our understanding, and gives us the strength we need to overcome everyday life challenges. Join Pastor Bibiche every week as she shares this life changing word of the Lord with applicable wisdom for your spiritual growth, your purpose in life, your family life, your relationships, and more. Pastor Bibiche is the Lead Pastor at Green Pastures Church.

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Show Details31min 52s
See as God Sees | The Power of a Vision
Show Details37min 18s
Envision Your Future with Hope
Show Details40min 14s
Pray, Don’t Lose Heart
Show Details50min 2s
Prayer/Worship must be Relational not Transactional
Show Details41min 32s
Show Details42min 22s
God Counts on You | By Guest Speaker Dr. Patricia Muzingu
Show Details39min 34s
Being God-Centered
Show Details38min 44s
Prayer and Worship Movement
Show Details39min 3s
The Message of Grace for this Season
Show Details39min 16s
Grace and Blessing
Show Details37min 5s
Great Grace Great Power
Show Details41min 34s
The Struggles with Grace | Part 2
Show Details40min 54s
The Struggle with Grace
Show Details48min 48s
The Hazard of Grace
Show Details37min 14s
Grace, Blessing for Eternal Inheritance
Show Details32min 20s