Parenting in Queens

Stories of every day parents doing extraordinary things


Changing the world one birth at a time with Midwife Shar
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Stay at Home Working Mom
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NYC Public School Teacher and Mother of Two Boys
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Being your most authentic self with Andrea
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Multi-passionate girl dad Eli Weistein
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Advocating for all immigrant parents with Julie Schwieter-Collazo
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Ever evolving Motherhood with Thuy Petersen
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Kim Calichio, professional chef and founder of The Connected Chef
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From Indonesia to Queens: A woman’s journey to motherhood
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Home birth story with Nao Motomatsu
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Andrea & Josh’s Home Birth Story
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Childbirth educator Lisa G. Taylor
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Aurora Satler on how to take the stress away from meal time
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Raising Tito with Salina and Ken
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Unconventional Parenting and Growing Closer Through IVF.
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Parenthood for Oprah Beauty Director Brian Underwood
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Growing and Evolving Together Over the years, with Emily and Tyler
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Following Your Artistic Heart and Raising a Family, with Anne.
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Two Weddings, Two Cats, and a Baby with the Pell Family. ​
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Choosing Your Own Path for a Relationship and Family with Rashana.
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Different Stages of Parenting in a Multicultural Family, With Nadia & Anu.​
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Importance of Gaining Life Experience For Better Parenthood, With the Schulte Family. ​
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A Cozy Family Apartment in Queens with The Moore Family
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