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Parenting Beyond Discipline

Erin Royer, MA Psy. is the go-to expert on all things parenting and child development for today’s common challenges. Her parenting podcast covers way more than just discipline. She dives into topics such as self-esteem, development and health, modern parenting issues and even education. Erin is not just knowledgeable but also relatable, warm, and sometimes even funny.


#315: Discipline Tools Not Working with Strong-Willed Toddler (re-run)
Show Details21min 26s
#314: Who Is Your Child Becoming & What Is Your Role?
Show Details30min 23s
#313: Drop Impossible Standards & The Guilt w/ Heather Chauvin
Show Details33min 13s
#312: 3 Best Tips on How to Make "No" Easier
Show Details23min 51s
#311: What Message Do You Want to Send?
Show Details26min 52s
#310: Help! I've Fallen Behind in My Parenting (and I Don't Know How to Catch Up!)
Show Details32min 4s
#309: Is Your Child's School Crushing Them or Inspiring Them? with Dr. Eric Chagala
Show Details28min 49s
#308: Raising Courageous Kids While Allowing Them to Stay True to Themselves
Show Details23min 59s
#307: Building & Maintaining a Strong Connection for Life
Show Details21min 24s
#306: The Anger Episode
Show Details25min 49s
305: How to Help Kids Overcome Negativity
Show Details22min 45s
#304: 6 Common Areas of Parental Guilt & How to Overcome Them
Show Details25min 19s
#303: The Truth About Healthy Child Boundaries
Show Details22min 58s
#302: One Simple Tool to Build Self-Esteem, Cooperation, Growth Mindset & Independence
Show Details17min 36s
#301: Helping Kids (& Adults too!) Learn to Manage Big Feelings
Show Details23min 29s
#300: EXCLUSIVE - NO ADS - Tools for Fixing Tantrums & Clinginess
Show Details25min 29s
#300: Tools for Fixing Too Many Tantrums & Clinginess
Show Details25min 37s
#299: How to Support Kids Healthy Striving without Perfectionism
Show Details21min 36s
#298: 4 Key Areas to Help Kids Build Independence
Show Details31min 3s
#297: 4 Common Expectations That Cause Frustration and What to Do About Them
Show Details31min 50s
#296: 6 Ways to Rise Above Parenting Frustration
Show Details22min 40s
#295: 3 Reasons to Let Go of Guilt Around Screen-time
Show Details21min 5s
#294: How Full Are Your Emotional Bank Accounts?
Show Details22min 15s
#293: How to Turn Bossy, Controlling Behavior to Empowered & Polite Kids
Show Details28min 40s
#292 EXCLUSIVE (NO ADS) Raising Kids Who Are Both Spirited & Respectful
Show Details26min 51s
#292: How to Raise Kids Who Are Both Spirited & Respectful: Part II
Show Details27min 4s
#291: How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Humans with Alyssa Blask Campbell
Show Details35min 45s
#290: How to Raise Kids Who Are Both Spirited & Respectful
Show Details26min 2s
#289: How Can We Protect Our Kids from Gun Violence?
Show Details22min 38s
#288: Freeing Our Children from Co-Dependent Patterns: Part II
Show Details22min 4s
#287: EXCLUSIVE Freeing Our Kids from Co-Dependent Patterns Part I & II
Show Details37min 59s
#287: Freeing Our Kids from Co-Dependent Patterns Part I
Show Details26min 18s
#286: EXCLUSIVE - NO ADS Breaking Unhealthy Cycles for Our Kids
Show Details30min 53s
#286: Breaking Our Children Free from Unhealthy Cycles
Show Details31min 6s
#285: EXCLUSIVE (NO ADS) How to Raise Shame Resilient Kids
Show Details27min 54s
#285: How to Raise Shame Resilient Kids
Show Details27min 58s
#284: 3 Steps to Conquer Parenting Shame
Show Details22min 38s
#283: Self-Esteem: Surprising Pitfalls and What to Do Instead
Show Details27min 38s
#282: EXCLUSIVE - NO ADS Parenting Myths That Get in The Way of True Connection
Show Details22min 30s
#282: Parenting Myths That Get In The Way of True Connection
Show Details22min 47s
#281: Are Modern Parenting Styles Really Any Better?
Show Details29min 45s
#280: Is Your Parenting Style Holding Your Child Back? Part 2
Show Details23min 44s
#279: Is Your Parenting Style Holding Your Child Back? Part I
Show Details24min 52s
#278: 4 Common Reasons Positive Discipline Fails
Show Details27min 30s
#277: Exclusive (No Ads) Building Blocks for a Successful Family
Show Details30min 4s
#277: Building Blocks of Successful Families
Show Details30min 11s
#276: Are You Working With Your Child's Development or Against It?
Show Details31min 15s
#275: Easy Tips for Reducing Needle Anxiety with Dr. Jody Thomas
Show Details29min 20s
#274: Preschooler Refusing to Get Dressed
Show Details25min 10s
#273: Overwhelmed Mom Doesn't Know Where to Start
Show Details33min 8s
#272: Vetting and Managing Caregiver Relationships with Carole Kramer
Show Details29min 27s
#271: How to Fix Misbehaviors at School
Show Details25min 35s
#270: Children & Fears - What Is Normal?
Show Details28min 23s
#269: Curing Toy Clutter with Katy Joy Wells
Show Details34min 31s
#268: Help! I Can't Stop My Toddler from Hurting Other Kids!
Show Details25min 21s
#267: How to Stop Unexpected Pinching & Hitting
Show Details24min 13s
#266: Sex Positive Parenting with Ariel Saint White
Show Details34min 36s
#265: The New Face of Overindulgence & How to Avoid It
Show Details27min 30s
#264: EXCLUSIVE (NO ADS) Very Hard to Discipline 5 Year Old
Show Details31min 9s
#264: Very Hard to Discipline 5 Year Old
Show Details31min 35s
#263: Why Is My Child's Behavior Not Getting Better?
Show Details30min 37s
#262: Very Controlling Preschooler
Show Details20min 33s
#261: EXCLUSIVE - NO ADS Self Esteem Secrets for Success
Show Details19min 14s
#261: Self-Esteem Secrets for Success
Show Details19min 22s
#260: EXCLUSIVE - NO ADS What to Do When a Child is Manipulative
Show Details23min 36s
#260: Dealing with Controlling/Manipulative Behaviors
Show Details24min 11s
#259: Getting a Handle on Aggression & Full Bedtime Overhaul
Show Details26min 22s
#259: Exlcusive - NO ADS Getting a Handle on Aggression & Full Bedtime Overhaul
Show Details25min 56s
#258: Is There Something Underlying Your Child's Behavior Challenges?
Show Details22min 10s
#257: Not Listening, Aggression, Misbehaviors & Poor Choices
Show Details27min 47s
#256: Help! My Child Is Lacking Discipline!
Show Details29min 15s
#255: NO ADS - Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?
Show Details24min 47s
#255: Do You Ever Feel Overwhelmed?
Show Details25min 9s
#254: Teaching Kids About Happy Money with Ken Honda
Show Details33min 25s
253: Discpline Tools Not Working with Strong Willed Toddler NO ADS
Show Details25min 22s
#253: Discipline Tools Not Working with Strong-Willed Toddler
Show Details25min 16s
#252: Helping Kids with Big Changes
Show Details25min 25s
#251: Supporting Children's Mental Health with Dr. Nicole Beurkens
Show Details35min 10s
#250: Very Controlling Preschooler
Show Details22min
#249: Strong Willed Toddler Tactics - EXCLUSIVE NO ADS
Show Details30min 24s
#249: Strong Willed Toddler Tactics
Show Details30min 44s
#248: Common Gender and Birth Order Differences (NO ADS)
Show Details29min 20s
#248: Common Gender & Birth Order Differences
Show Details29min 39s
#247: Big Physical Reactions to Big Emotions (NO ADS)
Show Details24min 53s
#247: Big Physical Reactions to Big Emotions
Show Details25min 26s
#246: The Journey Beyond Toddlerhood (NO ADS)
Show Details37min 23s
#246: The Journey Beyond Toddlerhood
Show Details37min 48s
#245: Big Emotions, Hiding Emotions, Adult Emotions? How to Help
Show Details29min 54s
#245: How to Help Kids Who Clam Up & Kids Who Go Big With Emotions
Show Details29min 14s
#244: I Don't Always Have The Right Answer Either
Show Details30min 10s
#243: How to Avoid Power Struggles with Young Toddlers
Show Details23min 33s
#242: Different Parenting Styles & Relieving Parental Guilt
Show Details28min 59s
#241: 3-Year-Old Getting Aggressive During Play Dates
Show Details24min 31s
#240: Aggression Towards Younger Sibling & Attention to Negative Behavior
Show Details22min 47s
#239: Morning Power Struggle
Show Details22min 2s
#238: Overwhelming Preschooler Behavior
Show Details25min 24s
#237: Understanding Toddler Interactions & Tips for Better Behavior
Show Details31min 52s
#236: Short Term vs. Long Term Parenting Tips & Tools
Show Details23min 43s
#235: Extreme Separation Anxiety
Show Details25min 45s
#234: Working Through Parental Guilt
Show Details30min 3s
#233: When You Have One High Needs Child & One Mellow and Kids Push Us Out of Our Comfort Zone
Show Details33min 40s
#232: When Kids Need Too Much Control & Lying
Show Details35min 2s
#231: Fixing 'Misbehaviors', Nighttime vs. Daytime Parenting, Siblings Sharing Room & Steps for Introducing Change
Show Details28min 8s
#230: Helping Kids with Anxiety & Fears & New Positive Parenting Tool
Show Details25min 1s
#229: Should We Quiz Our Toddlers/Kids? & Overcoming Negative Family Patterns
Show Details43min 52s
#228: Is it OK to Teach a Child to Say "No" to Parents/Adults?
Show Details48min 45s
#227: What is "Normal" and What is Not?
Show Details35min 17s
#226: Big Feelings & Big Meltdowns & Self Compared to Child
Show Details24min 11s
#225: New Discipline Tool & High Needs Baby/Toddler/Child
Show Details24min 24s
#224: Moving to a Toddler Bed & Parents Set the Family Foundation
Show Details31min 54s
#223: Infants, Preschoolers, School-Age Back to School & Daycare & Tween Emotions
Show Details28min 10s
#222: Parents Aren't Supposed to Be Perfect
Show Details28min 10s
#221: No Cry Middle of The Night Tips & Ignoring vs. Correcting Toddler Behaviors
Show Details21min 24s
#220: Teaching Body Autonomy & Outside Influences on Parenting
Show Details26min 32s
#219: Getting Toddlers & Kids to Listen & Follow Directions
Show Details28min 49s
#218: Eliminating Power Struggles
Show Details24min 33s
#217: Big Struggles with Perfectionism & Frustration Tolerance
Show Details29min 58s
#216: Keeping Sane Parenting into 2021 & Sleep Train while Co-Sleeping
Show Details21min 33s
Choices Full Class
Show Details15min 37s
#215: Let's Talk About Being a Parent & Parenting in 2021 & Helping a Child Who Gives Up Easily
Show Details23min 42s
#214: Fixing Difficult Behaviors & Parenting in a Pandemic
Show Details24min 41s
#213: Overindulgence & Morning Routine Is It Spoiling or Not?
Show Details19min 56s
How to Keep Overindulgence in Check
Show Details31min 5s
#212: What to Do When a Child Uses Hurtful Words
Show Details18min 41s
#211: Common Parenting Anxiety & How to Deal with It
Show Details20min 16s
#210: Helping Shy Toddler with Social Skills & Reasoning with Children
Show Details19min 45s
#209: Dealing with Toddlerhood Fears
Show Details22min 53s
#208: Middle of the Night Battles & Needy Behavior
Show Details19min 30s
#207: Should We Do Preschool Academics at Home & Persistent Asking/Never Enough!
Show Details29min 19s
#206: So Much MINE! Co-Parenting Transitions & Language Struggles
Show Details29min 17s
Teaching Apologies
Show Details4min 41s
#205: Big Struggles Sharing Emotions & How to Implement Calm Bedtimes
Show Details29min 33s
#204: Clingy Toddler & Potty Regression & Hair Pulling/Middle of the Night Screaming
Show Details24min 21s
#203: Toddler Hitting Playmates & Bedtime & Potty Misbehavior
Show Details38min 30s
#202: Middle of the Night Tantrums/Wakeups & Screentime Power Struggles
Show Details28min 27s
#201: Special Episode #2 Co-Parenting Through Divorce - Dealing with Parental Guilt
Show Details22min 45s
#200: What Constitutes Media Violence & Helping Preschooler with Change When They Don't Like It!
Show Details25min
#199: Guiding Child Low in Perseverance & Preschoolers Name Calling
Show Details32min 13s
#198: How to Setup a Toddler Schedule & Bedtime Meltdowns
Show Details31min 23s
#197: *Special Edition Co-Parenting Through Divorce I
Show Details27min 17s
#196: Supporting Your Unique Child
Show Details17min 33s
1-2-3 Magic Full Class
Show Details13min 47s
#195: How to Fix Disrespectful Attitude & More COVID Support Tips
Show Details33min 21s
#194: Protecting Our Families & Others from COVID
Show Details23min 57s
#193: Helping a Perfectionistic/Fixed Mindset Preschooler & Toddler Traumatized Over Infection
Show Details27min 16s
#192: Toddler Crying Over Every Little Thing & Extreme Separation Anxiety/Parental Preference
Show Details25min 18s
Parent Chat #6
Show Details24min 29s
#191: Breaking Co-Sleeping Habit & Helping Preschooler Be More Independent in Play
Show Details16min 49s
#190: Child Gives Up Easily & Toddler Asking About Own Death
Show Details19min 28s
#189: Toddler Screaming, Big Bedtime Struggles & 6-Year-Old Not Listening at All!
Show Details21min 49s
#188: Toddler Sexual Behavior & Raising Strong Girls
Show Details22min 53s
#187: How to Help a 1-Year-Old with Aggression & When a Family Pet Isn't Working Out But Your Child is Attached
Show Details18min 59s
#186: Balancing Time Between Siblings & Toddler Aggression w/ Sibling
Show Details25min 19s
#185: How to Handle Bossiness in Toddlers
Show Details17min 26s
#184: Designing Developmental Playspace & 3-Year-Old Major Meltdowns
Show Details29min 2s
Summer Safety Class from Your Village Website
Show Details38min 6s
#183: Is Your Child Experiencing Trauma from the Pandemic?
Show Details18min 27s
Parent Chat #5 - Early Wakeups, Night Weaning, Moving Toddler to Own Room
Show Details19min 31s
#182: Effects of Stay-at-Home on Children's Development & Talking to Kids About Death
Show Details25min 36s
#181: Raising an Unspoiled Child & Overly Competitive Child
Show Details18min 28s
#180: Night Time Potty Training & Weaning the Bedtime Bottle
Show Details17min 44s
Parent Chat #3: 5 year-old Better Bedtime Behavior & Decreasing Aggression
Show Details27min 50s
#179: Sibling Bickering & Fights & Potty Training Accidents During Playdates
Show Details20min 55s
Parent Chat #2 Toddler Naps, Infant Sleep Cycles, Coaching & Pacifiers
Show Details27min 11s
#178: Middle Night Wake-ups & Long Goodbye's at Dropoff
Show Details26min 2s
#177: Toddler HATES the car & Rocking/Head Banging to Fall Asleep
Show Details22min 14s
#176: 6 year old Lying, Aggression and Not Listening
Show Details19min 16s
#175: Coping Stategies & Toddler Screaming
Show Details23min 56s
Misbehaviors & Solutions
Show Details52min 31s
Tantrums Full Class
Show Details31min 41s
Peaceful Parenting Part II
Show Details29min 28s
#174: 6 Tips for Being The Buffer for Your Kids During Times of Stress
Show Details11min 14s
#173: Refusal of Greetings & Unexpected Hitting
Show Details23min 7s
#172: Extreme Fears & Mealtime Power Struggle
Show Details22min
#171: When Daycare Reports Inappropriate Behavior & Separation Anxiety
Show Details18min 17s
#170: Helping a Toddler with Emotions & Messy/Poor Table Manners
Show Details26min 1s
#169: Helping Preschoolers with Big Emotions and Big Reactions
Show Details27min 48s
#168: What to Do When a Toddler is Consistenly Too Rough/Aggressive
Show Details19min 42s
#167: Is One Screentime Better Than Another & How to Increase Attention-Span
Show Details20min 26s
#166: Separation Anxiety in Older Child & Big Emotions in 4 Year Old
Show Details21min 58s
#165: Rude Behavior in Social Situations from 4yo & Tips for Holiday Harmony
Show Details23min 27s
#164: Dealing with Disrespectful Behavior in 4 year old
Show Details30min 28s
#163: Potty Training Relapse, Toy Possessivness & When Your Child Doesn't Fit the Academic Mold
Show Details33min 20s
#162: Potty Talk & Epic Meltdowns
Show Details20min 59s
#161: Clingy Toddler & Choices Not Working
Show Details25min 10s
#160: Attention-Seeking, 1 year old Crying Middle-of-the-Night, & Pacifier Weaning
Show Details19min 38s
#159: Bedtime & Middle of the Night Struggles
Show Details24min 2s
#158: Toddler Throwing Cup at Meals & Peeing on Floor Only When Angry
Show Details21min 19s
#157: Toddler Using Bad Word & Potty Training Relapse
Show Details21min 16s
#156: How & When to Wean Pacifier & Middle-of-the-Night Wakings
Show Details19min 46s
#155: Birthday Parties, Diaper Changes & Phones for Kids
Show Details18min 31s
#154: Tough Mornings & Boys vs. Girls & 'Stranger Danger'
Show Details22min 28s
#153: Toddler Throwing Toys When Mad & What Responsibilities Can You Expect for 3-Year-Old?
Show Details26min 12s
#152: Dealing with Toddler Biting & When to Address vs. Ignore a Behavior
Show Details22min 42s
#151: Forced Affection, Forced Apologies & Navigating Sibling Relationships
Show Details25min 3s
#150: Potty Training Accidents & Communicating When Speech Delayed
Show Details31min 33s
#149: Making Time For Self-Care & Personal Goals as a Parent
Show Details13min 38s
#148: Overly Sensitive Toddler & Toddler Mean to Dog
Show Details14min 6s
#147: The Summer Episode
Show Details18min 42s
#146: Reasons for Early Wakeups & When Other Kids are Aggressive to Yours
Show Details17min 58s
#145: 6-Year-Old Sneaking Items & Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse
Show Details30min 57s
#144: Traveling with Toddler & Potty Accidents at School
Show Details18min 31s
#143: Weapon/Aggressive Play & Going On The Big Potty
Show Details17min 49s
#142: When & How to Teach Sharing & When Roughhousing Gets Too Rough
Show Details23min 19s
#141: Toddler Screaming in Public & Disrespectful Behavior to Teachers
Show Details24min 20s
#140: Early Riser & Toddler Power Struggle Over Clothing
Show Details22min 27s
#139: Preventing Toddler Tantrum When Wants Held
Show Details18min 32s
#138: Preschool Behavior Expectations & Toddler Nighttime Issue
Show Details18min 15s
#137: How to Fix Disrespectful Attitude from a 5-Year-Old
Show Details17min 58s
#136: Needy Toddler & Attention-Seeking Toddler Behavior
Show Details14min 38s
#135: Sleep Scheduling Issue, Preschool Options & Delivering Bad News to Kids
Show Details18min 37s
#134: Talking to Curious Toddler about Private Parts & Teaching Business/Entrepreneurship to Kids
Show Details18min 7s
#133: Extreme Bed/Nighttime Struggles & Military Mom Kids Struggling with Dad's Absence
Show Details26min 10s
#132: Teaching Diversity & Tolerance
Show Details21min 58s
#131: Smoother Preschool Dropoffs - Minimizing Separation Anxiety
Show Details27min 21s
#130: Santa & Tips for Getting Kids to Listen
Show Details22min 56s
#129: Supporting Communication Skills & Emotional Development
Show Details18min
#128: Handling Aggression in 13-Month-Old & Aggression in 3-Year-Old
Show Details24min 42s
#127: Helping a Child with Autism & Messy 3-Year-Old
Show Details23min 35s
#126: Toddler Defiance & Toddler Throwing
Show Details22min 47s
#125: Back to Basics - Toddler Development & Behavior & Toddler Needs Parent to Fall Asleep
Show Details14min 54s
#124: Helping a Shy Child & Unwanted/Inappropriate Touching
Show Details25min 8s
#123: Twin Bedtime Struggles & Toddler Aggression
Show Details25min 8s
#122: Tips for Lasting Change in Parenting and Beyond
Show Details14min 34s
#121: Setting Boundaries as a Step-Parent & Major After-School Meltdowns
Show Details22min 58s
#120: Rambunctious & Aggressive Toddler & Bedtime Struggles - Getting Toddler to Stay in Room
Show Details27min 18s
#119: Helping Toddler with Shyness & Strong Parental Preference
Show Details20min 55s
#118: Kindergarten Readiness & Toddler Aggression & Outbursts
Show Details24min 11s
#117: Dealing with Partial Potty Training & Toddler Possessiveness
Show Details20min 19s
#116: Helping Your Child Deal with Anger
Show Details23min 1s
#115: Toddler Defiance & Toddler Pinching
Show Details21min 49s
#114: Bedtime/Nightime Struggles & Mealtime Struggles
Show Details26min 45s
#113: Potty Training Regression for Attention & Fine Line Between Praise and Encouragement
Show Details28min 34s
#112: Dealing with Toddler Hitting & Balancing Parenting Boundaries with Friendship
Show Details17min 58s
#111: Toddler's Cartoon Obsession & Helping Girls Form Positive Friendships
Show Details20min 53s
#110: Step-Parenting & Sleepovers
Show Details21min 23s
#109: Instilling Confidence in Kids
Show Details23min 22s
#108: Potty Training Relapse & Bedtime Issues & Early Wakeups
Show Details18min 30s
#107: Parenting as a Couple
Show Details19min 20s
#106: Teaching Personal Space & Instilling Leadership Skills
Show Details16min 32s
#105: Sex/Relationship Questions from 3-Year-Old & Strong-Willed 8-Year-Old
Show Details20min 1s
#104: 3-Year-Old Afraid of the Dark & Back to School Tips
Show Details19min 31s
#103: Building Resilience in Kids
Show Details22min 49s
#102: Getting a Toddler to Listen in Public & Parenting to a Child's Potential
Show Details26min 45s
#101: Summer Safety Tips & Toddler Middle of the Night Wake-Ups
Show Details22min 11s
#100: Summer Tips & Dealing with 6-Year-Old Aggressive Behavior
Show Details22min 45s
#99: Ways to Connect with Younger Toddlers & How to Stop Young Toddler from Self-Stimulating
Show Details24min 10s
#98: What is the Difference Between Permissive and Peaceful Parenting?
Show Details26min 49s
#97: Co-Sleeping & Dealing with Young Kids "Playing Doctor"
Show Details21min 52s
#96: How to Handle Big Imagination & Infant Stopped Sleeping Through the Night
Show Details24min 18s
#95: Creating a Parenting Framework for Positive Discipline
Show Details25min 34s
#94: Your Developing Infant
Show Details24min
#93: Toddler Screaming at Bedtime & 8-Year-Old Cranky in Mornings
Show Details17min 2s
#92: Bedtime Struggles & Dealing with Hateful Words
Show Details23min 33s
#91: Getting 8-Year-Old to Listen & Follow Directions
Show Details20min 28s
#90: Frequent Crying & Thumb Sucking
Show Details15min 41s
#89: Stopping Screaming in Toddlers & Fixing Whining
Show Details14min 13s
#88: Talking to Kids About Sex
Show Details23min 14s
#87: Work/Life Balance & Behavior Modification for Children with Autism
Show Details22min 1s
#86: Toddler Aggression & Disrespect Out of Character
Show Details17min 28s
#85: Lying, Cheating & Stealing
Show Details14min 59s
#84: Common Misbehaviors & Their Solutions
Show Details20min 17s
#83: Dealing with Grabbing & 3-Year-Old Meltdowns
Show Details17min 54s
#82: Supporting Child Through Divorce & Tantrums in 8 yo
Show Details21min 18s
#81: Naptime Struggles & Attention Seeking Behavior
Show Details18min 48s
#80: Common Parenting Resolutions
Show Details20min 11s
#79: Separation Anxiety & Dealing with Grandparents Not Following Rules
Show Details19min 29s
#78: Raising Kids to Reach Their Potential
Show Details24min 13s
#77: Parenting Q&A: Infant Sleeping Through the Night & Separation Anxiety
Show Details20min 19s
#76: Educational Toys
Show Details18min 2s
#75: Parenting Q&A: Answering Toddler's Questions About Sex & Supporting Independence
Show Details16min 43s
#74: Parenting Q&A - Naptime Trouble & When to Expect Sharing
Show Details20min 56s
#73: Parenting Q&A - 5 Year Old with Anger Issues & Overwhelmed Mom
Show Details22min 5s
#72: Developing Early Reading, Writing, Math & Science
Show Details24min 39s
#71: Parenting Q&A - Severe Tantrums & Helping with Difficult Emotions
Show Details19min 55s
#70: Parenting Q&A - Dealing with 13-Year-Old’s Selfish Behavior
Show Details20min 33s
#69: Parenting Q&A - Eliminating Reward Charts & Child Feeling Overwhelmed
Show Details22min 55s
#68: Birth Order
Show Details21min 45s
#67: Parenting Q&A - Desiphering Fact from Fiction, Hitting & Overcoming Nighttime Fears
Show Details14min 42s
#66: Parenting Q&A - Toddler Hitting Mom & Picky Eaters
Show Details18min 10s
#65: Parenting Q&A - Sibling Fights & Toddler Naps
Show Details18min 32s
#64: Parenting Q&A - Toddler Hitting & Helping Child Deal with Strong Feelings
Show Details17min 26s
#63: Parenting Q&A - Bullying Prevention & Resilience in Children
Show Details20min 43s
#62: Erin's Story & How Much Child Attention is Enough?
Show Details16min
#61: Parenting Q&A - Teaching Sharing, Toddler Anxiety & Dealing with Aggression
Show Details26min 12s
#60: Teaching Kids to Take Responsibility
Show Details14min 30s
#59: Parenting Q&A - Toddler Bedtime Struggles & Mom and Son Bonding Ideas
Show Details18min 54s
#58: Surviving Summer Part II
Show Details21min 44s
#57: Surviving Summer Part I
Show Details18min 41s
#56: Stopping Sibling Fights, Building Sibling Relationships and More
Show Details25min 59s
#55: Raising Responsible & Independent Kids: Part 2
Show Details16min 15s
#54: Raising Responsible & Independent Kids: Part 1
Show Details17min 12s
#53: Setting Boundaries with Respect
Show Details14min 20s
#52: Parenting Q&A - Motivating Kids & Abnormal Social Behavior
Show Details21min 31s
#51: Tips to Raising Healthy Eaters
Show Details16min 28s
#50: Parenting Q&A - Potty Training Power Struggles & Sibling Aggression Against New Baby
Show Details14min 38s
#49: Smoother Bedtimes, Mornings & Time Changes
Show Details14min 17s
#48: Dealing with Aggression in Children
Show Details18min 8s
#47: 3 Top Tools to a Cooperative Toddler
Show Details26min 59s
#46: Parenting Q&A - Toddler Nighttime Struggles, Rewards, Teen Power Struggles
Show Details18min 6s
#45: Giving Yourself Permission to Feel Attractive
Show Details15min 46s
#44: Parenting Q&A - Toddler Screentime & Toddler Using Hurtful Words
Show Details16min 53s
#43: Parenting Resolutions - Fit Parenting, Leading by Example
Show Details18min 34s
#42: Parenting Resolutions - The Organized Family
Show Details17min 18s
#41: Fun & Educational Toys Gift Buying Guide
Show Details17min 13s
#40: Teaching an Attitude of Gratitude
Show Details12min 55s
#39: Reducing Holiday Stress
Show Details12min 2s
#38: The Downsides to Rewards & Punishments
Show Details23min 26s
#37: Car Seat Safety Tips
Show Details20min 28s
#36: How to Moderate Halloween Candy
Show Details14min 48s
#35: Helping Kids with Stress & Aggression
Show Details12min 49s
#34: Honesty & Lying in Kids
Show Details14min 24s
#33: Sibling Relationships Q&A
Show Details15min 40s
#32: Your Developing Toddler
Show Details20min 28s
#31: Why Child Development Research Matters
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#30: Kids, Sports & Competition
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#29: Shopping for a Preschool
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#28: Parenting Questions & Answers #2
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#27: Bullying
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#26: Preventing Power Struggles
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#25: Tips to Starting the School Year Right
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#24: Parenting Answers to Common Toddler Problems
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#23: What is Positive Discipline?
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#22: What is Your Parenting Style?
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#21: Smoother Bedtimes for Toddlers & Beyond
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#20: Raising Fit Kids for Life
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#19: Traveling With Kids
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#18: Teaching Kids About Boundaries & Consent
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#17: Potty Training Readiness Signs
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#16: Summer Learning Loss
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#15: Dealing with Disrespectful Behavior
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#14: Nighttime Potty Training, Bedwetting & Relapse in Potty Training
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#13: The Secret Discipline Tool We All Need to Use More Often
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#12: Keeping Kids Safe Outdoors
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#11: Smoother Bedtimes & Better Sleep
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#10: Building a Better Listener
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#9: Your Child's Unique Temperament
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#8: Tips to Being a Peaceful Parent
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#7: Media Guidelines by Age - How Much is Too Much?
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#6: Why to Avoid Praise & What to do Instead
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#5: How to Stop Sibling Rivalry & Fighting
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#4: Healthy Eating & Picky Eaters
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#3: Tantrum Prevention & Tips
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#2: How to Support & Build Kids' Self-Esteem
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#1: Introduction to Parenting Beyond Discipline
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