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Parels & Diamanten

A podcast serie about community building and multidisciplinary artist in the cultural sector. During the podcast, social cultural themes are discussed and we zoom in on the social position of these professionals. The main focus of the podcast is to connect creatives in an interactive way with one and another and inspire them to speak about their own personal motives and reason why they do what they do.

People have a natural need to express their experiences and share them with others. A suitable subject activates memories, provides guidance and stimulates new ideas. In shaping these experiences and imaginations, we challenge ourselves to learn to fully utilize our potential skills. This motivation stimulates the feeling of happiness (flow), creates new energetic fields and provides new perspectives.

The Parels and Diamanten podcast therefore serves as a basis for dialogue, perspective and personal development. Each podcast episode closes with an artistic contribution called The JAM.



This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.