• Viendo Inventing Anna más allá de la serie

    En este episodio analizamos un poco más a fondo a Anna Sorokin. Hablamos sobre lo que es la serie y lo que paso en vida real.

    44m | Apr 4, 2022
  • ¿Hijos o mascotas?

    En este episodio tenemos de invitada a mi hermana Elayna Ojeda y en el hablamos sobre los diferentes struggles que hay en tener hijos y/o mascotas. We wanted to talk about this because of Papa Francisco's words that "people don't want kids but have cats or dogs instead so we are losing humanity" which we don't find a problem with considering how the world has changed and will continue changing.

    53m | Mar 4, 2022
  • Intro

    Pardon My Spanglish will be about people sharing their opinions and experiences around topics that affect our society. Everyone has different opinions depending on their life experience so we should all listed to one another to learn and grow. Also, everyone should have a platform to express themselves and be heard. We hope our podcast can be that space.

    5m | Feb 24, 2022
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