Paranormal Pass

A podcast about the things that go bump in the night, ufos, bigfoot or anything weird or scary. The Paranormal pass is hosted by two guys with a passion for the things even the X-files drool over. Josh and Dalton are up to date on the latest paranormal news and are here to share it with you. So stick around and watch as the weird gets weirder

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Area 51: New Evidence of Tunnels | Paranormal Pass
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Gigantopithecus' Great Great Grandson | Episode 5 | Paranormal Pass Podcast
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Paranormal Pass Podcast | Episode 4 | Colorado Hauntings and Haunted Horror Movies
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Paranormal Pass Podcast | Episode #3 | Serial killers and Horror Comedies
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Paranormal Pass Podcast | Episode #2 | We Want to Believe
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Paranormal Pass Podcast | Episode 1 | Introductions, Corona Virus and Drones
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