Prospects Power Half-Hour Featuring Jim Callis Of MLB Pipeline | August 31st, 2023

Season 4 | Episode 282
54m | Sep 1, 2023

Welcome to our weekly prospects power half-hour. Each Thursday at 5PM EDT Benjamin Chase (@biggentleben) & Michael Govier talk about dynasty baseball and MLB prospects live on YouTube. This week we have a very special guest: JIM CALLIS (@jimcallismlb) from MLB Pipeline is here on our show! Jhim has 35 years of experience analyzing prospects! This show is a doozy! All in 30 minutes or less of course! SUB our YouTube channel & Discord while making sure to follow us on social media @pallazzopodcast and email us at

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01:14 Jim Talks About The Current State Of Prospect Analysis

04:03 Has Prospect Analysis Gotten Better Over The Years?

 09:01 How Hard Is Scouting & How Important Is It To See A Prospect In Person?

15:58 Jim Talks Georgia Baseball & former Mariner Dave Fleming

19:45 Are MLB Pipeline's Top 100 Rankings More Aggressive Now Than 4 Years Ago?

21:49 The Impact Of Kevin Maitan On Prospect Scouting

24:40 2018 MLB Top 100 Prospects List Review

27:52 Forrest Whitley: The Cautionary Tale

30:42 How Are The Minor League Rule Changes Impacting Prospect Evaluation?

37:03 Kyle Harrison's Development

39:43 A Prospect Jim Loves Outside The Current Top 10

41:33 Colson Montgomery Is The Reason Why You Draft 19-Year-Old High Schoolers

42:56 Chicago Cub Alexander Canario Outlook

46:03 Matt Mervis Got Screwed

48:16 Orioles Prospects Fortune

51:15 MLB Pipeline Update

52:20 Outro

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