Oh You Serious?

Welcome to Oh You Serious? Podcast where Aziz and Rico Blunt converse on the current culture in Music, Sports and entertainment with a comedic twist.


OYSPodcast EP14 | The Vid
Show Details1hr 24min
OYSPodcast EP13 | Sexiest Man Alive
Show Details1hr 11min
OYSPodcast EP12 | False Narrative
Show Details1hr 3min
OYSPodcast EP11 | And The Winner Is?
Show Details1hr 1min
OYSPodcast EP10 | Hipsters
Show Details1hr 21min
OYSPodcast EP9 | The Butcher Comin'
Show Details1hr 19min
OYSPodcast EP8 | 5G or NAAH
Show Details1hr 9min
OYSPodcast EP7 | Passion over Paper
Show Details1hr 3min
OYSPodcast EP6 | If Your Reading This Its To Late
Show Details58min 11s
Dirty Mack
Show Details49min 47s
Show Details58min 20s
Friends or Coworker
Show Details1hr 3min
Wakanda Forever
Show Details41min 57s
"And Another One"
Show Details44min 8s
Show Details15min 7s