Stefanos Sifandos: OverCome & Experience Mental Freedom

Season 2 | Episode 68
1h 0m | Nov 16, 2020

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Stefanos Sifandos came on the podcast and discussed a whole array of topics form the state of mental health in the world to relationships to how to be masculine and vulnerable at the same time. He has wealth of knowledge. Stef holds degrees in Behavioural Science, Philosophy and a Master Degree in Sustainability & Commerce. He is also qualified in the areas of: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psych-K®, Vira Tantric Principles & Masculine Ethos Philosophies (Agama Yoga), Hypnosis, public speaking, Reiki, group facilitation, training & assessment, varied high-intensity training methodologies, physical & psychological conditioning and performance coaching. He also holds extensive experience in the areas of Ayurvedic medicine, life coaching, mindset coaching & holistic health. Stef embodies all of this interconnected wisdom & experience to facilitate authentic & connected leadership development programs globally.

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