Jared Watson: How A Musician Overcomes & Improves His Mental Health

Season 2 | Episode 70
1h 22m | Nov 30, 2020

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Jared Watson lead singer of the band Dirty Heads came on the podcast to discuss how he has overcome depression, improves his mental health, and how to be 100% authentic.

We discuss being 100% authentically yourself and how that sounds easy or hippy-dippy it may be one of the hardest things to do fully. Jared talks about how after getting sober from alcohol and pills he was overcome with depression and how you had to fight his way through and take back his mental health. We talk about some negative thoughts that he had during some of his hardest times and come to find out I myself had the same thoughts. He is one of the most down to earth authentic people I have had the pleasure to met and this was an awesome conversation.

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