Preseason Power Moves: A Look at the NBA's Fall Trade History

1h 31m | Nov 10, 2023

We're back! You couldn't get rid of us that easily!

In this episode of the Over and Back Classic NBA Podcast, Jason and Rich talk about the history of fall trades in the NBA.

We'll discuss Damian Lillard's move to Milwaukee, James Harden's setting sail for the Los Angeles Clippers then dive into NBA history with some of the most famous fall trades ever including:

  • The Ewing Era in New York Ends
  • The Spurs get Dennis the Menace
  • Expansion Franchises Reset
  • Iverson goes to the Motor City but Denver revs up
  • Golden State Muscles-Up To Win A Title
  • Nets get Tiny, lose Doc; Tiny gets hurt
  • Cavalier Clyde
  • Celtics don't want McAdoo
  • Sixers want Mo' Mo' Mo'
  • Bucks and Clippers swap rotations
  • Ice joins Air Jordan
  • Reign Man flees to the Cleve
  • Pippen kisses Houston goodbye
  • Melo joins Russ and PG in OKC
  • The Butler did it (left the Timberwolves)
  • Mitchell to the Cavs

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