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A podcast where every week we do a little bit of ranting, chatting and learning about different aspects of intersectional feminism, all while offering a safe space for girls, gays, non-binary people and anyone who's ever been told they're OVARY-Acting! You will hear references to current news, books, tv shows and films, as you experience the world from a female teenager's perspective.

Contains strong women, strong language and strong opinions.

A new episode comes out every Wednesday.


Time For A Summer Break...
Show Details59s
#15 | Dark Humour: Should I Laugh or Should I Go?
Show Details26min 48s
#14 | Can Diets Ever Be Body-Positive?
Show Details32min 4s
#13 | Why FGM Needs to Be Abolished
Show Details20min 33s
#12 | What's the #FreeBritney Movement?
Show Details25min 5s
Bonus Clip: OVARY-Acting! The Rap
Show Details2min 37s
#11 | Are You Being Gaslighted?
Show Details26min 4s
#10 | Calling out Everyday Sexism! *Special Episode*
Show Details42min 45s
#9 | Why Pride is a Feminist Cause
Show Details29min 46s
#8 | Does Twerking help (fight) the Patriarchy?
Show Details20min 29s
#7 | Periods 101: A Guide for Everyone
Show Details33min 46s
#6 | Could India become feminist? w/Ruchith Asha Kamal
Show Details35min 26s
#5 | Should we Cancel Cancel Culture?
Show Details24min 17s
#4 | Oscars: Where are all the Female Directors?
Show Details27min 12s
#3 | The Vicious Cycle of Gender Stereotypes
Show Details28min 48s
#2 | How Victim-Blaming Starts at a Young Age
Show Details22min 6s
#1 | Breaking Down the F-Word
Show Details21min 2s
Welcome to OVARY-Acting!
Show Details1min 7s