OutLookingIn Podcast

My goal is to help inspire and open future ideas for teens! I speak with innovators, influencers and entrepreneurs about their careers, current topics and personal stories.


Racing for Lamborghini at 17 (feat. Luke Berkeley) - OutLookingIn #9
Show Details45min 21s
The Story of Cookies N ' Kicks (feat. Eli Hayman) - OutLookingIn #8
Show Details54min 18s
Surf's Up (feat. Bailey Dunn) - OutLookingIn #7
Show Details34min 9s
What's it like being a YOUNG Filmmaker? ( feat. Luca Huff/1716 Digital) - OutLookingIn #6
Show Details37min 51s
A Voice For Change In Africa (feat. Jesse Clarke) - OutLookingIn #5
Show Details42min 58s
Success Habits With Book Enthusiast/TikTok Infulencer (feat. Kris Selberg) - OutLookingIn #4
Show Details33min 10s
Starting A Clothing Brand (feat. Colin Hanley/Kottos Clothing) - OutLookingIn #3
Show Details45min 52s
Inspiration With Influencer Alex Broggi - OutLookingIn #2
Show Details36min 16s
What it's Like Adventure Racing As Teenagers (feat. Gavin Albert) - OutLookingIn #1
Show Details33min 43s