Out of History

A queer history podcast delving into the lives of famous, historical figures and exploring parts of their lives that maybe weren't so heterosexual.


Episode 10 - Re-bisexual Without a Cause
Show Details23min 6s
Episode 9 - (Daughter) of a Preacher Man
Show Details18min 56s
Episode 8 - The Hole-y Texts
Show Details38min 42s
Episode 7 - Mrs. Dallo-gay
Show Details27min 56s
Episode 4 - Daddy Lisa
Show Details17min 32s
Episode 3 - Putting the Bi in Bitch
Show Details20min 49s
Episode 2 - To Bi or Not To Bi
Show Details15min 34s
Episode 1 - The First Gay-dy
Show Details29min 8s
Episode 6 - The Gay of the Union
Show Details26min 35s
Episode 5 - The Gay-dy with the Lamp
Show Details24min 20s