Our Two Sats

What happens when you put an art teacher and a "techy" on a podcast discussing Bitcoin? A whole lotta fun with a little bit of the Bitcoin rabbit hole! Join "bit-coiner" Ben and his skeptic fiancée Nicole as they venture through the world of Bitcoin, bit-by-bit.

One of us is a self-proclaimed "bit-coiner" expert, the other is just getting started! This podcast is perfect for beginners or skeptics that want to know more about the wild wild west of Bitcoin. We keep it simple and we keep it fun!

We want to cut through the tape, break down the jargon, and lift the veil of mystery behind Bitcoin and the world of crypto currency. The times, they are a changing, and we're here to learn as we go! The future IS Bitcoin!

Come join us on our adventure as we learn the ropes, dive into the history, and look to the future of crypto currency. These our just our two sats!


Word Up: All the Slang of Bitcoin
Show Details58min 33s
Part 3: Discussing the Bitcoin White Paper
Show Details42min 17s
Part 2: Discussing the Bitcoin White Paper
Show Details33min 11s
Part 1: Discussing the Bitcoin White Paper
Show Details30min 51s
Our Two Sats - Teaser Intro
Show Details1min 9s