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Opus One: OCTAVO

OCTAVO is a new podcast launched by Opus One: Berks Chamber Choir, a non-profit community choir in Reading, PA. Each episode will have a main theme/focus pertinent to the world of classical choral music and will feature guests with knowledge and experience in that particular area.

"Together, we can make Reading sing!"

Hosts: Christopher Hoster, Debbi Silas, Scott Tice

For more info about Opus One, please visit:



Season 2, Ep. 6: RVW 150
Show Details31min 28s
Season 2, Ep. 5: The Music of Ukraine
Show Details23min 5s
Season 2, Ep.4: Christmas in Paris
Show Details31min 19s
Season 2, Episode 3: Thankfulness and Togetherness
Show Details46min 3s
Season 2, Ep. 2: Broadway Dinner Concert
Show Details25min 34s
Season 2, Ep.1: Impact of Covid-19 on the Arts (Part II)
Show Details44min 59s
Ep.3: Music of America
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep: 2, Bonus (Music in the News, May 2021)
Show Details4min
Ep. 2: Complex Legacies
Show Details1hr 21min
Ep.1: Impact of Covid-19 on the Arts
Show Details1hr 4min