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Open Source Governance

Open Source Governance is a project that aims to design a blueprint with which a group can collectively and inclusively form questions and find answers that can help organize their community. At the core of the idea lies the notion of governmentality. The concept departs from the disappointment with the representative systems in inclusively and fairly organizing societies, and observation of available tools (namely open-source programming) that can replace or challenge the current systems in place.

In this podcast we invite people from different disciplines to debate, investigate, and to help empowering communities to find possible ways of self-governing. These conversations eventually help the design process of the blueprint.


episode #6, Populism & Alt-Right with Florian Cramer
Show Details1hr 19min
episode #5, Trust and Governance
Show Details50min 25s
episode #4, Dutch politics with Quinsy Gario
Show Details1hr 22min
episode #3, Referendums and different voting systems
Show Details38min 15s
episode #2, Elections
Show Details39min 20s
episode #1, The Representative System
Show Details28min 23s
episode zero (Trailer) - Open Source Governance
Show Details11min 29s