$15 Million Verdict: Dan Hessel's Approach to Jury Trial Strategy and Success

33m | Jan 23, 2024

Join us for a conversation between Andrew Iacobelli of Iacobelli Law Firm and Dan Hessel, a distinguished trial lawyer from Golkow Hessel Attorneys in Philadelphia. In this exclusive interview, Dan provides a detailed account of a case where he secured an impressive $15 million verdict for a client facing a severed finger injury in a product liability case.

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in personal injury and subrogation law, Dan passionately advocates for accident victims dealing with catastrophic injuries. Gain valuable insights as Andrew and Dan discuss the case and the nuanced dynamics between juries, judges, and the civil trial process, offering perspectives on the advantages of opting for jury trials in the legal landscape. Explore the challenges encountered in establishing liability and assessing damages in this high-stakes case, as well as the strategic use of themes to construct a compelling narrative for the courtroom. Dan, a seasoned trial lawyer, is widely respected for his unwavering commitment to securing justice for his clients.

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$15 Million Verdict: Dan Hessel's Approach to Jury Trial Strategy and Success - YouTube

01:06 Introduction to Dan Hessel of Golkow Hessel Attorneys

01:43 The $15 Million Dollar Verdict

02:50 Challenges Preceding Trial

04:40 Understanding the Legal Terms In a Trial

06:21 Challenges in Proving Damages To The Jury

08:35 Deciding to Bring a Case to Trial

10:24 Importance of Credibility in Legal Proceedings

12:06 Jury Trial vs Judge Alone Trial

13:37 Canadian vs. American Jury Trials

16:08 Navigating Bias and Prejudice in the Jury System

19:11 Importance of Preparation Even If Case Doesn't Go To Trial

20:19 How Insurance Companies Evaluate Trial Risk for Case Value

22:01 Elevating Your Legal Strategy With a Theme for Trial Success

25:25 How Often is Liability the Center of Defective Product Disputes?

26:28 Dan's Story on Becoming a Lawyer and Trial Lawyer

28:17 Pennsylvania's Journey with Tort Reforms

30:00 Contact Information and Final Thoughts


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About Dan Hessel

With over two decades of experience in personal injury and subrogation law, Dan specializes in handling catastrophic injury cases, securing 16 seven- or eight-figure verdicts or settlements as lead counsel. Recognized as a Pennsylvania “Super Lawyer” for seven consecutive years and a "Rising Star" for three prior years, Dan is among the top 5% of nominated lawyers.

A life member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Dan has achieved over $40 million in verdicts and settlements for clients in recent years. His notable cases have been featured in various journals, and he has spoken at over 30 events nationwide on tort law issues.

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