Understanding Insurance Medical Exams: What They Don't Want You to Know

12m | Sep 5, 2023

Insurance medical exams are often portrayed as impartial evaluations. These assessments are anything but independent. Insurance companies will strategically select doctors for post-accident injuries assessments, aiming to minimize payouts. Discover the hidden truth behind insurance medical examinations that are required by the insurance company. Protect yourself and your rights with knowledge on how to navigate insurance medical examinations successfully.

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00:00 Intro

00:28 The Truth Behind Insurance Medical Examinations

01:16 Doctors Working On Behalf Of The Insurance Companies

02:07 Things To Keep In Mind When Asked To Attend An Insurance Medical Exam

02:45 Be Open and Honest About Your Injuries and Pre-existing Injuries

03:14 Speak To Your Lawyer and Get Advice

03:26 Be Truthful During Your Assessment and Beware of Tests

04:31 Ways Insurance Companies Try To Destroy Your Case

05:17 The Importance of Continuing to Treat With Your Team of Healthcare Providers

06:30 The Insurance Doctor is NOT a Treatment Doctor

07:16 The Importance of Maintaining Your Credibility For Your Case

08:50 Maintain Consistency In Your Treatment and Symptoms With Doctors

09:52 Share All Pre-existing Health Issues With Your Doctors 

10:39 Common Surveillance Tactics Used By Insurance Companies

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Join Andrew Iacobelli as he uncovers the truth behind insurance medical examinations. In this episode, you’ll learn why these so-called “independent” assessments are far from impartial. Insurance companies are meticulous when it comes to selecting doctors to evaluate accident victims. Their primary objective is to minimize payouts and pay as little as possible for your injury or claim. Discover the tactics insurance companies employ to defeat or deny claims. 

Learn about the importance of legal advice when attending these mandatory examinations. It’s crucial to be honest when discussing your injuries and pre-existing health conditions with doctors. Regular treatment with your healthcare providers on a consistent basis will help strengthen your case when your file is put under the microscope in court.

Andrew will also discuss common surveillance tactics used by insurance companies. Insurance companies will often employ surveillance in personal injury cases to detect inconsistencies in claimants' behavior, looking for evidence that may contradict the severity of their injuries or impairments.

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