Family, Friends and Co-workers As Witnesses in a Personal Injury Claim

8m | Dec 21, 2023

Did you know your family, friends and work colleagues, known as lay witnesses, could be invaluable in proving your case in a personal injury claim after an accident? Family, friends and co-workers make excellent witnesses for personal injury claims due to their credibility, first-hand knowledge and ability to provide consistent accounts of the accident's impact on your life. Testimony from lay witnesses can corroborate damages, offer emotional support and present an objective perspective on how your injuries have affected your daily life and work performance.

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00:18 What are lay witnesses?

00:40 Types of witnesses in a personal injury claims

01:31 Family can provide insight to changes in your daily life

02:22 Friends can play a critical role in personal injury cases

02:42 Co-workers can provide specific knowledge about work-related aspects post injury

03:20 Insurance companies will challenge or undermine your personal injury case

04:16 Importance of bringing on lay witnesses who knew you before the accident

05:23 What happens when you return to work after a personal injury

06:50 Witnesses can help paint a comprehensive picture of the injured person's life

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In today’s episode, Personal Injury Lawyer Andrew Iacobelli will discuss how lay witnesses can be a major asset to your personal injury claim. Family, friends and co-workers are generally seen as credible and unbiased witnesses. They are not financially or personally invested in the outcome of your claim, which can enhance their reliability in the eyes of the court. These personal relationships with you can lend credibility to your case.

If multiple individuals who know you well provide consistent accounts of your condition and how the accident has affected you, it strengthens your case. Consistency among lay witnesses can help establish a clear and accurate narrative on how your injuries and symptoms have affected your abilities to perform daily activities or engage in recreational activities and hobbies.

Andrew will also share how work colleagues, in particular, can provide an objective perspective on how the injury has affected your job performance, attendance, and overall work life. This can be important in cases where you are seeking compensation for lost wages or earning capacity.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, your family, friends and co-workers can provide invaluable support and credibility to strengthen your personal injury claim. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out for a free consultation.


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