Your Rights, Claims and Compensation in Nursing Home Negligence Cases

7m | Feb 20, 2024

🏥⚖️ Standing Up for Justice: Navigating Nursing Home Negligence Cases 🏥⚖️ When we entrust the care of our loved ones to nursing homes, we expect them to be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, negligence can occur, leading to harm and heartbreak. This YouTube video is an essential guide for families navigating the complex and emotional journey of nursing home negligence cases. Learn about your rights, the claims process, and how to seek the compensation your loved one deserves. I'll cover some key issues in nursing home negligence, the importance of gathering evidence, and the steps to take to hold responsible parties accountable. Whether you're currently facing this challenging situation or want to be informed about your rights, this video provides the knowledge and guidance needed to advocate for the safety and well-being of your loved ones in nursing homes. Together, we can take a stand against negligence. 🛡️📚👩‍⚖️ #NursingHomeNegligence #ElderCareRights #LegalAdvice #ClaimCompensation

At Iacobelli Law Firm, we understand the complexities families face when seeking justice for their loved ones' injuries, especially those who are most vulnerable and in the care of nursing homes or assisted living centers. From identifying negligence indicators like slip-and-fall incidents and breaches in care plans to discussing common injuries like broken bones or bed sores, we hope the following conversation will help you navigate the legal landscape for compensation and understand the nuances of nursing home negligence cases if your loved ones’ been injured.

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Your Rights, Claims and Compensation in Nursing Home Negligence Cases - YouTube

00:23 What are Nursing Home or Assisted Living Negligence Cases?

01:11 Common Injuries in Nursing Home Negligence Cases

01:29 Identifying Negligence and Seeking Legal Help

02:07 Compensation for Nursing Home Negligence

02:33 Information Required for a Successful Case

03:31 Insurance Coverage for Nursing Homes

04:11 Compensation Expectations and Eligibility

04:46 Rights of Individuals in Compromised Health

05:45 What to Do When Unsure of a Claim

06:16 Importance of Timely Legal Consultation

06:34 Role of Regulatory Bodies in Investigations

07:32 Have Questions? Contact Us Today!


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In this episode, Andrew Iacobelli is joined by Colton Leung from the Iacobelli Law firm. Colton, who handles most of the firm's nursing home negligence cases, will discuss what constitutes a nursing home negligence case or assisted living negligence case. In this conversation, they will also share common injuries seen in negligence cases, how to suspect negligence and the type of compensation families can expect.

Andrew and Colton also discuss information that must be gathered for a successful case and insurance coverage of nursing homes. Gain important insights on what to do if your family is unsure if there's a case to make or not and the importance of contacting a lawyer promptly after an incident.

If your loved one is an unfortunate victim of negligence in a nursing home, we hope this episode serves as your valuable guide to knowing your rights and the crucial steps to take to protect you and your family.


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