How to Prove Income Loss in Personal Injury Cases

13m | Mar 19, 2024

How is loss of income determined in a personal injury claim and how do I prove my injuries after an accident? Many assume they haven't suffered income loss if they keep working or aren't absent for long periods, but that is not always accurate. Income loss encompasses more than total disability. Even if you're back at work, a legitimate claim for income loss might still apply. 

In this episode, we debunk misconceptions about what constitutes income loss and explore past and future income loss implications. Learn about the role of experts in determining income loss and the significance of addressing work-related challenges post-accident. Discover the pivotal steps that you should immediately take to safeguard your financial future if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident.

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00:12 Understanding Income Loss and Its Implications

00:32 Challenges in Resolving Income Loss Cases

00:55 Understanding Past and Future Income Loss

02:14 Role of Experts in Determining Income Loss

03:07 How is Income Loss Calculated?

04:15 Dealing with Work Challenges Post-Accident

05:34 Addressing Fears and Concerns about Reporting Work Difficulties

06:33 How Statements from Employer and Co-Workers Can Advance Your Case

08:37 Surviving Financial Hardship Post-Accident

10:21 Challenges in Proving Income Loss

11:43 Income Loss Cases for Self-Employed Individuals

12:12 Other Claims in Absence of Income Loss

12:41 Have Questions? Contact Us Today!


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In today’s episode, Andrew Iacobelli and Colton Leung, of Iacobelli Law Firm, discuss income loss due to accidents or injuries. While income loss doesn't always imply complete disability or inability to work, the complexities of such cases can present challenges for both clients and lawyers. 

Learn about the differences between past and future income losses, the role of experts in evaluating these claims and how income loss is calculated. Explore how income loss claims are presented for people who have returned to work but face difficulties, the impact of inconsistent work history and the unique circumstances of self-employed individuals seeking compensation after a personal injury.

Income loss after a personal injury may entitle you to other claims such as pain and suffering losses, future medical expenses and future care costs. We hope this conversation will help you gain a better understanding of the complexities of income loss claims and provide you with the advice you need to navigate the aftermath if you or a loved one has been affected by a personal injury.


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