What Is Lawyer-Client Privilege and How Does It Protect You?

6m | Oct 24, 2023

Is everything I say to my lawyer confidential? Lawyer-client privilege protects the confidentiality of communications between a lawyer and their client. This privilege enables clients to speak openly and honestly with their attorneys, knowing that the information shared cannot be disclosed to others, including in court. It promotes trust and effective legal representation by allowing clients to share sensitive information without fear of it being used against them. Lawyer-client privilege safeguards the privacy of attorney-client discussions, ensuring a foundation of trust within the legal system.

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00:18 What is Lawyer-Client Privilege?

00:35 How does Lawyer-Client Privilege protect you?

01:48 What information should you share with your lawyer?

03:18 What happens if you don't share important facts and information with your lawyer?

04:08 When does lawyer-client privilege start when you speak to a lawyer?

04:46 Any information you share with your lawyer will remain confidential 

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In today’s video, Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer Andrew Iacobelli will explain how lawyer client privilege works. Lawyer-client privilege is a critical legal protection ensuring confidentiality between clients and their attorneys. It means that communications between them cannot be disclosed. This privilege works both ways: clients can also openly share information with their lawyers without fear of it being shared with third parties, like insurance companies or doctors.

Andrew will share why it’s crucial to share all facts and information with your lawyer, even potentially harmful details, like employment history, unreported income, or past medical issues. Failure to disclose such information can harm your case and credibility.

The lawyer-client privilege begins the moment you consult with an attorney, even before officially hiring them. It remains intact even after your case concludes or your relationship with the lawyer ends. This assurance of ongoing confidentiality should give you peace of mind.

Remember, your lawyer is there to help you navigate legal processes, especially in personal injury cases. Being transparent and sharing all information will empower your lawyer to secure the best possible outcome for your case. If you have questions or need assistance, reach out for a free consultation.



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