• Our 2020-21 NBA Award Show

    Welcome back to the podcast, we've made up for our absence with our ballots for the NBA's top awards, listen to us debate each others choices and argue why our favourite players are better.

    41m - May 18, 2021
  • Can we take the Nuggets seriously anymore?

    On this great episode we talk about famous actor Jamal Murray's ACL tear, Lamarcus' retirement and if Ben Simmons is the DPOY, we also play everyone's favourite game who's saying that

    30m - Apr 21, 2021
  • Waiting for the playoffs

    In Today's episode we all can't understand who compiled the best 25 under 25 list from ESPN we also talk about the newest addition to the contenders.

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    27m - Apr 10, 2021
  • Trade Deadline Reaction

    On this lovely episode we talk about the major changes to the NBA. Jack talks about Knicks legend Vincent Porier's life changing hour, Bill tries to get us cancelled and cries about Gary Trent's departure from Portland and Dom praises his idol in life the Godfather Pat Riley. Follow us on instagram @onlythreespodcast

    35m - Mar 29, 2021
  • NBA Trade Deadline Rumour Special

    On today's episode we discuss all the very real trade scenarios for the NBA's most wanted, Bill's voice still hasn't hit puberty, Jack still hasn't hit a free throw and Dom wonders if the Timberwolves would really murder someone for John Collins

    34m - Mar 17, 2021
  • Is the Dunk Contest Getting Old?

    On today's episode we hear Bill's voice finally hit puberty, Jack again can't stop talking Julius Randle and his handy sidekick Franky Smokes, meanwhile Dom as always presents valid ideas and stats the group which will be dismissed.

    37m - Mar 9, 2021
  • Reactions to the All Star teams and snubs + the MVP race

    On Today's show we talk about all things all-star, Bill goes on a rant about Lamelo, Jack cant stop talking about Randle and Dom humbly accepts that Sabonis is a more deserving All Star than Bam

    34m - Mar 2, 2021
  • NBA All-Star starter predictions and the hot trade rumours

    On this fine day of life, Bill Diaz, Jack Harris and dom discuss our NBA all-star starters, and who we believe deserves to play and run around for 40 minutes - like Julius Randle. We also talk about overpaid contracts, and standout trades and players. Moreover, we discuss trade possibilities and rumours, for players like Andre Drummond and Kyle Lowwy, and more.

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    Also, Darth Vader > Anakin

    45m - Feb 17, 2021
  • NBA Teams No One is Talking About

    On Today's episode we discuss some of the teams flying under the radar including the Mavs, Grizzlies and Jazz, we also discuss the trade rumours around JJ Reddick and Lonzo Ball and all the other rumours going around the league. Follow us on socials @onlythreespodcast to help us grow we are only 30 downloads off 1000, every download is appreciated!

    35m - Feb 3, 2021
  • Buying & Selling NBA Teams and Our Current MVP Race

    On Today's episode we talk about all the rumours and stories going around the league and go into depth on some of the seasons bright starters and the teams struggling and list our current standings for MVP. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok @onlythreespodcast and please share and rate the podcast to help us grow!

    32m - Jan 26, 2021
  • Nets Go All In On Harden

    On today's episode we discuss the fallout from the biggest trade in recent memory, we break down how all four teams got what they needed and if the Nets are going to go bust. We also talk about all the other buzz and news circling around the league. Follow us on TikTok & Instagram @onlythreespodcast for more NBA content

    28m - Jan 16, 2021
  • Curry Back to MVP Form and Will Lavine Get Traded?

    On today's episode we break the last week of the NBA, we talk about Curry's 62, Phillys hot start, the Nets defence woes and the early trade rumours.

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    30m - Jan 7, 2021
  • Clippers Half Century Lose, Raptors 0-3 and Cleveland Leads the East

    Today's episode is a lot shorter due to one of us accidentally unplugging their mic not naming names though. We talk about the major headlines during week one of the NBA and try not to overreact to the shocking start from some of the leagues best.

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    18m - Dec 30, 2020
  • NBA 2020-21 Predictions

    On today's episode we predict all NBA player/coach awards and pick our conference champions along with the eventual NBA champions. We also talk about the extensions of Gobert, Kuzma and Giannis. Follow us on Tiktok and Instagram for more NBA content @onlythreespodcast

    45m - Dec 22, 2020
  • Will James Harden Get His Wish?

    On today's episode we talk about James Harden's Vegas partying instead of going to preseason, Paul George's 4 year max extension, Giannis' supermax deadline approaching and recap our favourite moments of the preseason so far. Follow us on instagram and TIkTok @onlythreespodcast for more NBA content!

    35m - Dec 14, 2020
  • Winners & Losers of NBA Free Agency

    We're back with another great episode, we talk about the winners and loser of the off-season so far, The Celtics declining a huge offer for Hayward, Andrew Bogut's retirement, Giannis' decision and Nate Robinson getting cleaned up. Follow us on TikTok and Instagram

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    30m - Dec 1, 2020
  • NBA Free Agency Day 1 & 2 Recap

    We're back talking about how the NBA landscape has changed in just under a week, We discuss all the free agency moves as well as all the trades that happened over the past week. Follow us Instagram and TikTok @onlythreespodcast

    55m - Nov 22, 2020
  • One Move Every NBA Team Should Make Pt.3

    We are back for the final part of the One Move Every NBA Team Should Make series, We also talk about all the rumours heading into the draft and trade window including the discussions around the #1 pick and Chris Paul. Follow us on TikTok and Instagram @onlythreespodcast

    42m - Nov 11, 2020
  • One Move Every NBA Team Should Make Pt.2

    Today we discuss the Atlantic and Northwestern Divisions and go team by team talk about one move each team should make, We also talk Daryl Morey to the Sixers, Steven Silas to the Rockets, Kenny Atkinson, Nate McMillan and Mike D'Antoni all getting assistant coaching roles and the new season restart date. Follow us on instagram @onlythreespodcast

    36m - Nov 6, 2020
  • One Move Every NBA Team Should Make Pt 1.

    In today's episode we talk about Stan Van Gundy to the Pelicans and the leagues new start date of December 22. We also have the first of three parts about one move every NBA team should make starting with the Southeast and Central divisions headlined by the Heat & Bucks

    34m - Oct 28, 2020
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