• On The Inheritance of Marriage

    What’s up Heirs and Co-Heirs!

    Elliot and Lorissa are back with another episode and a brand new scheduling format for the On Heir Podcast.

    This week they take a deep dive on the worlds view of marriage and the reason why their view is a bit skewed. They also take a deeper look scriptural on the aspect of marriage as a whole.

    Tap in with as they discuss the Inheritance of Marriage!

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    50m - Oct 12, 2021
  • On Poverty Gospel, Wealth and Money Boundaries


    First we apologize for the sound quality this week, something took place while recording that is beyond our understanding at this point. Todays episode was just too good to not put it out for you.

    Join Elliot and Lorissa as they discuss their view on Poverty Gospel, Wealth, Money Boundaries and what scripture has to say about obtaining wealth as an HEIR.

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    48m - Sep 24, 2021
  • On Knowing Your Worth and $10k Engagement Rings

    What up Heirs and Co- Heirs!

    Elliot and Lorissa are back and this week they are discussing the importance of knowing your worth and why expecting an expensive engagement ring has its flaws.

    Tap in with us! #WeAreHeirs

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    53m - Aug 27, 2021
  • On Long Suffering and The In Between


    Lorissa and Elliot are back with another episode and this time they discuss Lorissa’s breastfeeding journey, Elliot buying Lorissa a car and God’s heart for long suffering and how it matters for His children.

    Tap in with us! #WeAreHeirs

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    48m - Aug 6, 2021
  • On Joe Budden, Friends and Reconciliation

    What up Heirs and Co-Heirs!

    Elliot and Lorissa are back for another episode and this time they turn down the heat from the last episode to discuss dealing with friends. We all take our romantic relationships pretty serious, but when it comes to our platonic? It seems as though we all are lacking in that area to some degree.

    This episode you’ll hear their story on friends who have came and went, what God showed them in those moments, and what platonic relationships are important to God.

    Go ahead, hit that play button!

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    51m - Jul 9, 2021
  • On Chandler Moore, Twerking and Undefiled Sex

    Whats up Heirs and Co-Heirs!

    On today’s episode Elliot and Lorissa speak on Chandler Moore’s “controversial” wedding photo and weather he dishonored his wife or not. Christians and twerking, and they also dive a little deeper into what they have learned and are continuing to learn about married sex while also giving you slight details into their own sex life (with discretion of course). Elliot also reveals some truth about what Undefiled sex truly means from a biblical perspective.


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    52m - Jun 17, 2021
  • On Hard Moments

    What’s up Heirs and Co-Heirs!

    Lorissa and Elliot are back with another episode as they discussing living as an Heir and dealing with hard moments. Everyone who walks with Jesus will have hard moments in live, its inevitable. The beautiful thing is that none of it is in vain!

    Tap in with us as we recap life since the previous episode, what hard moments we’ve dealt with and how we have managed through them.


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    29m - May 29, 2021
  • On Expectation

    What’s up Heirs and Co-Heirs!

    Elliot and Lorissa are back for episode 2 of the On Heir Podcast after being sick for two weeks with a insane sinus infection. They discuss expectation as a son and daughter of God and what that ACTUALLY looks like.

    Tap in with us on this episode and hear more on having faith through God’s eyes and more!

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    45m - May 7, 2021
  • On Access: Traumatic Transitions


    The very first episode of the On Heir Podcast Elliot and Lorissa talk about their most recent transition from one state to another, Elliot’s period of being an orphan, the true access we have in God and more.

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    50m - Apr 13, 2021
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